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Shooting Reports & News

Thousands of Doves And Memories

Hunting during the winter season might be very cold and a little tough, but when it comes to hunting some good friends is all you need just to make some lasting memories...

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Amazing Hunting Experience

There aren’t many places in the world that have the bird quality as Argentina does. Even better, there aren’t many places in the world where you could find multiple birds species in season. Our Mixed Bag program offers the best of three different activities. It includes the challenging shooting of…

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Family Friends and Doves

Hunting is a perfect tradition for families because it provides a great opportunity to spend some time together. Family traditions can help develop unique lifelong skills that every member of the family will appreciate forever. All you need is to head outdoors and outfit your family member with a light-kicking…

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A Hunt to Remember

May is one of the best times of the year to come wingshooting in Córdoba, Argentina. It's better yet if you come with friends ready to hunt, have some fun and meet new people.

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Having New Experiences

With Pointer Outfitter, you will have a magnificent hunting experience. We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and we always try to fulfill our guests expectations, especially when they are experienced hunters who have travelled all around the world.

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Family Hunt

The tradition of hunting is a perfect activity for families to spend some time together since it can involve anyone. All you need is some open space and willing family members. Family tradition can help develop unique lifelong skills that every member of the famiyl will appreciate forever. Life will…

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Rock and Dove

We’re always excited to take groups of friends hunting! And let me tell you, we had a blast with this group and it felt like we were hunting with longtime friends! We can’t wait to see them again!

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It is Mixed Bag Season

May is a promising month, because it marks the beginning of mixed bag season! A good mixed bag comprises mostly Argentinian dove, duck and perdiz hunting, and pigeon hunting and Dorado fishing.

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It is a Family Thing

Though May was quite a rainy month, this month is part of what is known as “dry season” in Córdoba. But we can’t really talk about season for dove hunting in Argentina, since these birds are non-migratory, and the dove shooting is open all year round. Hunter are welcome any time of the year, like…

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Good Times Hunting with Friends

One month into fall makes the month of April into one of the best times to come hunting with us while enjoying the company of some friends.

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Argentine Style Hunt

After a long flight, Michael Guess and his friends arrived in Cordoba. We were waiting for them at the airport. They were picked up and then taken directly to the field in which our chef was waiting for them with the incredible Argentine asado, and where some friendships were ready to be made…!

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Hunting is a Lifestyle

We have been hunting together with Greg Reyes a couple of times in the last few years, but this last hunting trip was different. We were looking forward to meet our friend and his family once again. It was, probably, the best trip ever and we find out that we should repeat it more often.

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