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Hunt Like You Never Did Before

“You couldn’t ask for better service!” - To put it in Shane’s words.

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A father and daughter/son trip is always great fun! And we were very excited to meet Shane and his daughter, Taylo who were joined by a good friend and his son, Brian and Chance. 

We met them at the airport on the 1st day of June around noon, and as always, we welcomed them with cold drinks and drove them directly to the hunting field to start the fun!

Doves were flying high, everyone was changing into their hunting gear, the blinds were set and the field assistants were excited and ready to go!

This group’s goal was to relax while hunting and bonding with their children. So, after a great and tiresome hunting day in the field, we drove them to our amazing Agua Las Piedras Lodge, a superb estancia by the countryside where their hostess was waiting with cold drinks, appetizers and a warm, cozy fire in the fireplace. 

The dads asked us to coach their kids, and so we did. We gave Chance and Taylor some pointers on how to move while targeting and where they should be pointing at to get the most out of their shots, and we couldn’t believe how fast they picked up our suggestions. They were pros in just a few hours!

On their first day, the weather was on the cold side, so this reflected on the flight of doves, but the amount was still pretty high. They were a bit surprised about this, but you should know that when we say Dove Season is ALL year round in Argentina, we really mean it!

That same night, they asked us to take them into the town to have some drinks with the field staff and we were more than happy to go out with them. We nicknamed Chance “el flaco” since he was tall and skinny. We went to a Karaoke downtown that night and we had wine, beers while playing some arm wrestling.  That night Hector, one of the field assistants, with Shane arranged a dancing competition right there in the middle of the karaoke pub. 

I cannot tell you how much we laughed! We all had a wonderful time all and all with el flaco, Taylor and their dads!

On the next day, we brought them some shoulder pads since they didn’t have any. The improvement was amazing! We drove them to the field around noon to have some asado, our traditional Argentine BBQ, plus some delicious empanadas which they were in love with!

After some nap in the hammock area, they hunted all afternoon and had some much fun as well as the third day! The mornings were too cold during June since this is our wintertime, and the first low temperatures were hitting hard. But let me tell you, they took great advantage of their afternoon sessions. 

They were a great group, amazing kind people who were always so polite with us. We joined them for lunch every day at the field and all the Pointer staff already misses them! 

I remember one day at the field one of them was asleep in the hammocks and everyone else started a corn war! Everyone was throwing corn at each other near the hammock area… You should’ve seen Brian’s face when he woke up startled! We were laughing and holding our sides!

Anyways, to be honest this was one of the best groups I’ve met so far… We truly can’t wait to see them again soon in our beautiful Cordoba!


And you, would you like to be the next one? 


Mariano Taboada

Field Guide 

Pointer Outfitters Argentina




Edited by Mary Martinez




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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