Gear & Equipment

Clothing & Equipment

For the Field: Shooting clothes should be light green, green or brown; camouflage is optional. Pack a sweater or jacket in case it is cool early in the morning and also underwear shirt. Do not forget to bring a rain coat (See table above for average temperatures.)

Shoes: Lightweight, ankle-height is all you need. Many shooters even wear sneakers. A Gore-Tex breathing shoe, like the Rocky Boot, is excellent.

Accessories and Gear for the field

Shooting safety glasses or sun glasses - they should serve as sunglasses and they should de be shatterproof. The green or yellow protective glasses that can be worn over regular glasses are good. They have a small side panel, which protects against glare. They are available in many shooting sports suppliers.

Lightweight hat - one with a wide brim is best.

Shooting gloves - this item is important to protect hands from hot shotgun barrels and nicks and blisters from reloading, breaking guns or activating safeties. Golf or batting gloves are a good substitute if you cannot find quality, sensitive leather shooting gloves.

Soft protective gun case for daily use - This is optional, we can provide you with one.

Shell pouch - one that will hold a box or two of shells. It can also be a belt-type pouch or vest. This is important specially if you plan to load the gun yourself.

Small field bag - to carry camera gear and other personal items into the field.

Insect repellent - especially for our summer season. Mosquitoes or other bothersome insects are very unusual in the field - you might take a small bottle of Cutter's Cream.

Camera - The area is scenic and photographic possibilities abound. We also offer a private service by a professional photographer.

Eveling dress - Clothing is casual. Slacks and sport shirts are all you need.

Band-aids or tape - for sore fingers from shooting.

The Hunting, Ready to plan the best hunting trip ever? The Hunting, Ready to plan the best hunting trip ever?

Guns & Accessories

The Hunting - Guns & Accessories The Hunting - Guns & Accessories


If your final destination is Cordoba, and you are thinking of flying with American Airlines, please be informed that they will not allow you to travel with guns. If you decide to bring your own guns remember that you will have to pay a fee to our government.
We strongly suggest that you do not bring your personal guns unless you plan to enter and exit Argentina via the same airport/route.

Please be aware that for guns with interchangeable/extra sets of barrels each barrel/barrel set will be charged as a separate gun.

The most use guns are the 20 gauge semi automatics and over/under. The most popular brands are Beretta and Benelli. Most shells are 25 gr. And lead ammunitions are 7, 7 and ½ or 8. Some other options could be 12 gauge semi automatics and over/under or 28 gauge over/under. We provide you with soft cases.
Guns are clean once a day, normally at lunch time.

Customers are able to request a double gun shooting, and his field assistant will re load for him in the British style. Remember that renting 2 guns have an extra cost.

Entry of Guns

Tourists and Individuals who wish to go into the country with firearms must fill out the technical form of temporary authorization for entering or exiting firearms of Argentine Republic in triplicate for its control when entering or exiting the country.

  • 1st copy: will be kept by the competent authority who will send it to the National Registry of Weapons.
  • 2nd copy: will be kept by the tourist.
  • 3rd copy: will be kept by the individual and will hand it in when leaving the country.

Pay a one time fee of $600 per weapon (and for extra barrels will be another $600).
*this cost could changed since last update, please check with us for this rate.

Argentine authorities

  • They will check the technical form for its control when entering or exiting the country.
  • Certify the entry of the firearms detailed in the technical form.
  • Certify the payment in the technical form.

Other controls

It is possible that local police of argentine provinces make other controls over the firearms introduced to the country. That control is completely free of charge.
Note: the temporary entry of fire arms and ammunition will only be allowed when the tourist declares that he/she is coming to do sport shooting or hunting in authorized places by RENAR.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you have a 3 copy of the technical form with your correct info when you arrive to the country.