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Birds did not Stop Coming from Everywhere

The colors in the trees have already began to change offering picturesque views. It’s nearly fall in Argentina in mid-March and the mornings are getting colder but the days are warm, letting our guests enjoy their hunting days. Our guests Rod, James, Rohn and Guy are ready to live an adventure in Argentina!

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Could Not Ask For a Better Trip

3 generations of a family all together to hunt doves in Cordoba. An awesome trip everybody should enjoy.

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Family Trip Is Always a Good Idea

Traveling with family around the world could be really nice, especially if all the members enjoy outdoor adventure. In March, we had the pleasure to host Pat Doyle's family who came to Argentina looking for the best hunting experience. And guess what, they found it right here, with Pointer Outfitters!

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Crazy Hunt in Argentina

This time, we have a very special group coming. We went to Cordoba airport to pick them up at 10.30 am. They asked me to pass by the lodge first so they could change their clothes and then leave straight to the field, so we did. The field we visited this time, we like calling it “El bajo” in Jesus…

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Amazing Time In Argentina With Pointer Outfitters

Summer is in full bloom in February, The weather is nice and warm and the mornings gets hotter and hotters. Our friends Matt, Jack, Brad and Chris are one of our first guests in 2019 and we’re excited for what’s to come.

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The Best Wing Shooting Experience in Argentina

Cordoba is an excellent option not only for dove hunting but also for spending some family time. This is exactly what David and Laura, together with their son Troy thought about when choosing traveling with Pointer.

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From Amateur to Pro

We went to the flat lands of Jesus Maria town.This group arrived early in the morning, around 7.30 am, which was an hour and fifteen minutes before planned! The good thing is that we always make sure to be an hour before the flight so if there are any changes, we can be there on time and the clients…

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Birds Flying From All Directions

In February we received a group of three brothers who not only came to hunt doves but also to have fun. And did both greatly.

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Hunting Like Anywhere Else

Jeff Messman, Paul Messman, Jake Owens, and Dennis Kiel are avid hunters, hunting partners, best friends, and family. Their group chose the best location in The Hunting Cabin at San Javier. The cabin made the perfect scene for them to spend time together and to best enjoy the one thing they came to…

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Having the Time of our Lives

Summer is a perfect time to visit Argentina, whether it is with your friends and family or your couple. The weather is magnificent to enjoy unique days of hunting. Warm, sunny day make the stay 100% enjoyable.

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Two Groups Killing It

Greetings from the land where doves are countless! Last June, we had the pleasure to meet two amazing groups. Lets see how they did in Argentina. Check out the pictures and the videos.

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Unbelievable Dove Hunting Experience

Combining friends and doves sounds like a great idea. If you are sure yet, see this amazing group of friends and how much fun the had!

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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