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Having a Blast with Pointer

Is there a better plan than a hunting trip with friends? Surely, not!

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On October 2nd we welcomed Chet, Haden, Terence, Albert, Howdy, Stetson, and Michael. We met at the airport, very early in the morning. They were hungry, it had been a long trip! We make a stop to have a quick breakfast. Then, we went straight away to the field. By 9:30 a.m. we were already hunting hundreds of doves! 

At 12 we made a break. It was lunch time. Our guests were anxious to taste our worldwide known asado. The master chef was waiting for us. Our lunches at the field are next level. After the first day, all of our guests are anxiously waiting for the next lunch. A light salad was our first course. It was doused with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, giving it a sweet tang. Juicy sausage was served next. Then came the pork flank. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice; it was the perfect consistency of fat and muscle. It is akin to eating a large succulent piece of bacon. The main entrée was tenderloin. Slow cooked to perfection with a moist pink center and a charred exterior. The two textures playing off each other exceptionally. Lastly, chicken thigh and breast seasoned with lime juice, salt, and pepper. 

After this delicious moment, the group wanted to have some rest. The hammocks under the trees are a perfect place for a nap. Around 2 p.m we were back to the field for the afternoon session. 

At 5 p.m, and after a long day, we went to the lodge. The massage therapists were waiting for them.  It was a perfect way of ending such an exciting day! 

The following day started very early in the morning. We picked them up at the lodge and went right away to the field. It was an awesome day! We prepared the spots very close to each other: 10 meters apart. The group wanted to enjoy a day all together, so this was a perfect way of sharing a great hunting! 

On the third day, finally, Ben arrived and joined the team! He arrived at the field around midday, starving! We were waiting for him with a delicious asado. He loved it! After a great lunch, we went back to the field. It was a great afternoon session! Ben enjoyed his first hunting day a lot! 

On the last day, we enjoyed a beautiful day at the field. We shot so many birds! It was an excellent way of ending this hunting trip. We hope to have this group back soon in Argentina! We will be waiting for them. 




Julian Cheble

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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