An Amazing Trip with Pointer Outfitters

It’s already a tradition in Pointer to welcome our dear friend Gary every October of every year. This time around he came to visit us with Jeff, Josh, Paul and Keven.

The first shooting day was in the lowlands of Jesús María. We arrived early in the morning, right after picking them up at the airport. The group didn’t want to waste any more time, so they grabbed coffee to go and we headed to the field. As soon as we got there, doves started coming out. We placed them in the posts and let the hunting began. 

There were so many doves, that Gary and Jeff shot 1000 doves already in their first morning here! 

Lunch was delicious, as usual. The owner of the field we were stationed, gifted us a suckling pig, so we added it to the parrilla, between the meat cuts, chicken and sweet bell peppers.

After lunch, the groups decided to skip siesta time, because they wanted to resume shooting as soon as possible! All of them are great shooters. This trip couldn’t have begun better! 

On the second day, we went back to the lowlands of Jesús María. It was a quieter morning, compared to the day before, but it got way better in the afternoon.

Gary shot 1000 doves again, and he suggested to us the idea of shooting 2000 doves the next day. 

Lunch was at camp, and it was delicious again! The group asked the chef to give them the recipe of the roasted doves, and he gladly did. 

The next day, we went back to the lowlands, to a new field. It was quite small, so we decided to split the group and positioned them on different posts, just for the sake of safety and comfort.

Doves flew around the entire day, so it was an easy target.

Right after lunch, we returned to the field. By that time of the day, doves seemed to have multiplied and were flying everywhere. There was no wind and the sky was clear, so it was an excellent afternoon session. Many of them got to 1000 doves, and Gary shot 2000!

On their last day, we went back to the Jesús María area. It was an incredible last morning in one of the best shooting fields we have. All of them shot 1000 doves, while Gary got to the 2000 birds one more time. The food was fantastic and it was an amazing way to finish ffour days of full hunting.


And you, would you like to be the next one?

Mariano Taboada

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters

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