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Great Doves Great Place Great People

It was a father and son trip! Andrew, an absolutely passionate hunter, and his dad Bryan, a very encouraging dad, visited us in July. Andrew was very anxious to start the hunt. Luckily, he did not have to wait much. Our hunting fields are located very close to the airport, and we usually take our guests…

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A Trip for the Memory Books

We had the special visit of 4 couples. Three of them arrived earlier than the last one. They decided to go straight to the lodge to recover after the trip. When the full group was reunited, two of them chose to go to the field to have a first taste of the Argentine hunt and the big volume birds.

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The Fastest Duck Hunt

Shoot! Las Rosas Lodge is ready and axious to start a new adventure with the new group to open August! Life long memories and anecdotes will be made. I sarted the moning anxious too, to get to know our three new guests. At 4.3 am I was ready to pick them up form the airport to meet three amazing gentlemen.

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Crazy Josh is Back For All the Ducks

This week we have received the visit of Josh, his wife Kaitlyn and Wayne who came from Dallas. They are good friends of the house, they have been hunting with us in different lodges but this time is special for Josh, it would be his first time doing big volume doves.

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It Is So Good to Be Back

Jack Hunt and his friends were anxious to arrive and be here again. It was not their first time here but it was their first time with us. The weather is nice outside which signals the day ahead will be wonderful. Non stop hunting for our friends.

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Papa Joe and His Boys at San Javier Lodge

It was little foggy that morning at Parana Airport and that’s why our friends John, Ryan and Papa Joe had to wait like about 40 more minutes in Buenos Aires airport to get into the plane. They arrived at Parana airport by 10:30hs and by 11 they were with Federico heading to San Javier Lodge.

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Sneaky Bastard

Pablo: What happened to your sandwich on the first day? Jim: Pablo came this close to having his face punched! LOL Pablo: Why? Jim: He sneaky bastard... He snuck in, act like he was nobody and got a little bite of MY sandwich and almost got punched in the mouth. LOL Pablo: Wow, that was close guys!

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Las Rosas Duck Hunt

Las Rosas Lodge in Buenos Aires was all set waiting for Allan Skruby and James Slappey. The duck season is in full swing and we were anxious to take them to the field and to experience memorable hunts!

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The Best Dove Hunting in the World

This trip was a very special one for these guys. They had been dreaming about coming down to Argentina all together for a long while, and you know, sometimes life can get hectic and it is difficult to agree on a date in which all of the interested travelers can make it.

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It Sounded Like War in the Fields

David & Terry arrived at San Javier Lodge at 12am after being 2 days in Buenos Aires city. I showed them the Lodge and after a pleasant lunch they had a short rest before going on their first hunt, which it was at 16hs. Time arrived and we gave the guys a wader each.

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Many Many Many Birds

Wayne, Conrad, Parker and Steven visit us from Texas. Although most of our guests come from Texas, from time to time we get visitors from other parts of the USA and the world! We’re excited to welcome this group.

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It Is Raining Doves

As it usually happens, it was the first time for Stewart, Jimmy and Nathan in Argentina. And since they came through Buenos Aires, they stayed there for one day and there they visited stores and restaurants around Recoleta area.

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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