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Local mission School 9 de Julio

We were hunting doves with Wayne, a priest minister from a Dallas Baptist church, and all his friends some days ago. The second day while I was scouting for doves I stopped at School “9 de Julio” to talk with some of the neighbours about some doves fields; in northern Cordoba. The school is located in the Hills area, around 10 miles of gravel road from road number 9.

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The land owners, people with an average of 200 acres, had a special request for us, they needed a gate, a wood post and some help for the school. We thought it could be a good way to help them, and for that reason we invited Mr. Oscar, a gaucho from the area, to join us for lunch the following day.

Yes, you guessed it. Wayne and his friends were happy to meet Oscar and talked to him, with our translation. Wayne knew what was going on in a minute, and had a great idea. He said: “We will help the school”. On the third day, on the way to our hunting field, we showed Lisle, Jim, Sam, Barry and John the school 9 de julio. We explained them the situation, and they all agreed that it would be very nice to help them with a donation. So, everyone put around 100 bucks, and we had a budget to help.

Our guests finished hunting on a Sunday, but because Wayne had been invited to stay 2 more days with me we agreed to go together on the following Monday to help Oscar and the neighbours at the school. (Please check the pictures below) 

We bought pencils, rubbers, colors, papers, all kind of materials for studying. We also bought different elements for cleaning, tons of toilet paper, soap, and other stuff. We bought a nice soccer ball and some shirts for the kids, and of course we bought the wooden gate and the post. 

On Monday Oscar was waiting for us with some parents and we all enjoyed setting the gate and giving the kids the ball and Real Madrid Shirts. We also played soccer all together and enjoyed camaraderie.
It was nice to have a lunch all together. We share a dream. Wayne was surprised and satisfied with the experience, but he would like to work harder. He mentioned to me that his plan will be in a future, to do couple of days hunting in combination with three days of hard working helping one social community. The idea sounds good, and we believe we are already going in that direction.

In the second school we stopped, we gave away a Real Madrid Soccer shirt for one of the kids as a gift for his merits and efforts to success. This was very important, because we made a promise some months before that we will come back to do it. Two days later we had received a letter from the teacher, Rosa, saying thanks for giving the kids a great day, and for supporting them. That was a very nice feeling. To do something for someone that needs it and not expecting anything back is a unique feeling that help us be better persons.

The best part of this experience was how our Pointer team helped. They took their free day to join us and help, and they were so happy at the end of the day, that they said it will be great to do it more often.

We are happy to share this with you. We hope you have enjoyed it. We hope you should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo
Pointer Wingshooting




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