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Chad is big as a bear, Raphael is kind and polite as a good shooter, Phil is the coolest guy to get some drinks at night, and she, Kelly, is the perfect wife for an outdoors man! Guess why?

Well! Kelly was coming every day to the field with us, and she had been in his husband (Raphael) blind every hunt. And every day, no matter if it is cold, if it is early or what could happen, she had a smile in her face. Also, she was able to handle jokes better than some of our best friends. And guess what?

Yes, she had the best dorado fish from the for of them!! Sorry guys, but we should be fair!! And I would like to remind Phil that he was the one that came back with his hands empty, you will be not feed your kids man if you ae not able to bring some fish!! Hahaha.

Our friends had stayed at San Javier Lodge. The Estancia is located in the north of Santa Fe province. It is one of the best options for duck hunting in Argentina. The hunt is on the marshlands and islands of Parana River. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour and thirty minutes. For those guests flying private charters, landing takes place 40 minutes far from the lodge.

Argentina is considered a dream for waterfowlers. One of the best options is in the Parana River, that is one of the longest in the world, and it is surrounded by thousands of little islands that are just the right place for duck breeding. The Pilaga Island is very famous for the amazing number of ducks of many different species that come to this place every year. The 50 square mile radius (129 km2) around the shooting area form one of the most amazing duck shooting reserves.

On the northern area of the lodge, around 60 miles far, there are a couple of great roosting areas for doves, and the fields covered with natural grass have a great population of perdiz. Our location is annually inhabited by over 15.000.000 million ducks during the season. People and outfitters talk about a population of 20.000.000 doves. Our Company counts on 33 different shooting fields throughout the entire region.

OK, lets be back to the story, hunting was amazing! This 3 guys are excellent shooters and they have made their duck hunt limits in less than a half our! We have hunted the island in San Javier Marshland and also some filed rice and lagoons in mainland. We had done ducks limits every time and we have hunted big volume doves for 2 afternoons. We have alo done some perdiz hunt one morning and was a very good hunt, besides it was a kind of cold, windy and cloudy that morning.

The Duck Program starts at 6:00 am with a hearty breakfast. Around 6:45 am we take a short boat ride to the shooting field. Schedules vary depending on the time of the year in between 20 to 40 minutes. After the morning shooting, we go back to the lodge for lunch and siesta. In the afternoon, we depart at around 3:30 pm for the evening duck shooting session. 

We have missed Mr Wayne Sagrera and his wife this trip. By medical issues they were not able to catch a flight and make it to Santa Fe. We have to confess that after listening to Phil, Kelly and Raphael talking so good about Wayne, we are really looking forward to meet him some day soon. Wayne was the polite and generous person that have purchased the hunting trip, so Phil could hunt Perdiz for the first time in his life.

The perdiz hunt could be compared to quail hunt in Georgia or Alabama, but these birds are normally in small groups of two. It requires a well trained dog, a professional guide with good skills to run the dog, and two shooters. The spotted Tinamou gets up with an explosive flash and flies in a straight line making it a very challenging shoot. This perdiz hunt is a unique sport shooting program, and no many people have the skills to get averages over 50% accuracy.

Ouch, we forgot about the alligator’s team, why the name?

Well, Mr Wayne had started his own business many years ago in Louisiana, breeding aligators and selling the skins to Europe and Asia. They have been very successful and now the new generation is taking care of the business. We hope you guys continue having such a great attitude and being successful at your business. 

We hope we will have some alligators food in Louisiana one day with some cold beers.

We keep in the loop, till next hunt, My best

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Wingshooting

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