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New Friend

I had the pleasure to receive an email from Nick 6 months ago. Nick is from California, close to Sacramento, and my good friend Fred F. What they both have in common is their passion for doves & ducks. I promise myself to contact them so they can shoot some ducks together in the US.

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Nick told me his good friend Ray had highly recommended him to go hunting with Pablo in Argentina. We are very lucky to have many friends like Ray that recommend us to every person that wants to have some fun hunting in Argentina, and we think that this is probably our biggest asset. I would like to mention a very good friend from St Louis, Missouri, that recommended us to 18 different groups, we will always be grateful to Doug Morris for his generosity and friendship.

I picked up Nick in Cordoba one morning and we had a lovely talk during the trip to the field. We were on schedule to arrive for lunch in the field and meet with Mark, Tucker, Gary and some other folks, and we did it. It was a warm and very hot day, but a little breeze helped all of us; and the Malbec wine and the amazing tender loin and pork ribs were a plus.

Nick, that came hunting by himself, ended up sharing with friends of us. So we all hunted together a really nice number of doves at Bernardos field. Around 4pm Martin left the field with our friends on his way to the airport. Nick stayed at Las Peñas Lodge and shared the lodge with 3 more British friends.

What I would like to write in this occasion is about camaraderie. Nick was joyful and happy with our crew at the field and in the lodge, and gave us his honest feedback. He was really satisfied with this last hunting experience in Cordoba, and he mentioned to me he was expecting to have a great time in Buenos Aires with his wife and one of his daughters. And they did.

What I liked a lot from Nick was 2 things: First, he wished us a lot of success; he said we work very hard and we deserve to be one of the top hunting companies. But the best was: Pablo you look tired, be careful when you drive, especially tomorrow when you go with your family to Uruguay. And I never forget, my NEW friend was worried about me and my family. I thanked Nick for his honest comment, and I promise I will never forget his nice gesture.

Thanks Nick, and I look forward for some fun in the duck hunting camp next season. Take care buddy! God bless your family.


Pablo Aguilo



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