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We are from Ecuador

For the first time we have had a group from Ecuador that had visited us at San Javier Lodge. These gentlemen had hunted in Argentina more than 20 times. They have done wingshooting in many lodges and also big game, especially for Red Stag. So, we had a high goal to work hard and exceed their expectations. But the first day the weather forecast was announcing 70% chances of rain. That was not supposed to be good news!!

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Luckily that first day didn’t rain! And what was better, it didn’t rain the whole week. The issue was at Aeroparque airport, in Buenos Aires city. That Monday morning the union of airport employees had decided to go on strike and stop operations; so their flight had been momentarily cancelled. Bad news! We have started looking for a mini bus to drive them to Santa fe so they will not lose a day in the city, but finally a couple of hours later strike was broken and they have been able to make it happen on that Monday.

To catch up and try to make it an unforgettable trip we have decided to hunt, ducks perdiz and doves in one day. We woke up like 4am and like 45 minutes later we were on the road. We have had a foggy morning that didn’t help on the road, but the 9 hunters and the hunting guides made it possible to shoot some ducks with the first light. The morning was amazing and everybody made the limits. It was amazing. 

That day we have made a great barbecue in the field. We have prepared some sausage (chorizo), tender loin, and ribs. We have also prepared some Mexican tortillas with argentine fajitas. We have enjoyed this great meal under the trees with a soft breeze. After lunch we have all had a nap on the hammocks to have a rest. In the afternoon we hunted doves, but it was not as good as we were expecting; luckily we were able to shoot great doves 2 day later on an amazing evening!

On Wednesday, we had decided to do a mix in between hunting and fishing. Half of the group did duck hunt on the morning and the other half did some dorado fishing, catfish and piranha. In the afternoon we switched and the group that had fished in the morning did the ducks and vice versa. It was another great day and everybody had a magnificent time.

We ended up hunting some more ducks, doves and perdices the last day and a half. All hunts were good and we have got the limits on birds. We had some issues with a couple of shotguns, because some shells were not working as good as they were supposed but like everybody knows because of the high volume shooting in Argentina, firearms maintenance is not easy; and it gets worst when shells are not with the regular quality. 

Carlos and Felipe brothers are great people and good shooters; they have been hunting around in Argentina for many years, as Carlos Calisto, a great person that enjoys lot camaraderie with the guides and the staff. We all had a great time with Carlitos. Also, two of the hunters had visited Argentina for the first time and they have been surprised by the volume of ducks. One of the most experienced hunters had said that it was the best time ever in terms of volume of ducks, and we believe him, because it was amazing.

They have enjoyed our food at the lodge made by our chef Federico and Dimas; and had highly recommended us to continue doing such a good job because food was top notch. One of them had massages in the evening and the other had some drinks and appetizers before dinner. In the evening we found some mosquitos but nothing really bad. It was another great week in San Javier Lodge, and now we are going to Cordoba where Martin is guiding 4 friends from Louisiana and Virginia at La Loma Lodge.

Till next time! My best!

Pablo Aguilo


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