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We Had a Blast

Weather in May could be tricky and sometimes unpredictable! We were expecting a hard rain for Saturday and Sunday and maybe a change in the weather with temperature dropping off, But this last weekend was….

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One, amazing because we have had some great dove’s field and we were able to shoot some great presentation on birds

Two, amazing because this group was amazing in terms of attitude; they have been always in a great mood 

Three, barbecue in the field was just amazing, and David had prepare our regular barbecues with tender loin, sausage, ribs, pork flank, dove breast, dove sautéed and our special quesadillas and fajitas. 

Four, we had made short drives to the field! And Martin was an excellent hunting guide.

Fifth, Wes music was amazing; we should recommend everybody to bring a Bose music amplifier to enjoy some amazing music.

And of course, because we had not have a single drop of rain.

We are almost in winter time in Argentina, and in Cordoba will not rain again till, probably September. So, if you live in the south of US and it will become hot and humid, do not think twice and catch a flight and come hunt with us. Weather will be lovely and in a couple of weeks we will be hunting in the hills again.

We like hunting in the hills.  That means we will be shooting in the flyways: between the roosting area and the feeding field.

In the North of Córdoba we shoot in the hills 70% of the time. This is a very dry area with rocks and short hills, full of mid-high bushes with thorns that make the terrain tough but not impossible. The remaining 30% of the time we shoot in fields with crops or natural grass that make stalking for animals very easy. Birds normally leave the roosting area with the first light of the day. They fly 40 to 60 miles on average for food.

We had been surprise that our last friends were very good friends of some of our best guest, Big Head Montgomery, Scott Kleberg, JJ Johnson, or Jim Flores. It is great to have at home our friend’s good friends.

In the last 5 days we have shoot over 5,000 doves and had some of the great memories, please enjoy some pictures and a video from this hunt!

We keep in touch. Looking forward to take you hunting.

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters



Well, we finally have made it home.  Thank you for all of your help at the airport.  Actually, missing the flight turned out nicely.  It gave us another day and we got a chance to kick around a bit in BA...

As for our days at La Loma....  Everything was just fantastic.  I would not change a thing.  Your lodge, staff, guides, Martin, you and your wife, everything just made us all feel at right at home.  I have already looked at the “We Transfer” file and your photographer got some great shots us all. 

In short, thanks for everything.  I will be looking for an opportunity to come see you again...

Marvin “Buddy” Ragland, Jr., Architect, AIA


As your website is making the rounds a Baton Rouge hunting pal of mine has seen me on your webpage.  His name is Ben Johnson.  He is in real estate with Latter and Blum.  Apparently, he hunted with you about 5 years ago while you were at Pica Azura.  He had fond memories of the hunt and had all good things to say about you!  We will have to add Ben to our list of likely candidates to come see you again...

Marvin “Buddy” Ragland, Jr., Architect, AIA




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