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Doves and Manhattan specials

When I have got Matt emails asking me for the best experience of dove hunting in Argentina, I knew I had a challenge in my hands. My friends Matt, Andy and Andrew have been in some of the best lodges in in the country and we have to make it happen again. From the beginning, I also knew that El Prado lodge will be that hunting option for this February.

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What I did not expect was a higher challenge from my good friend, which had requested us something very difficult to make it proper. Matt favorite drink is Manhattan, but not any Manhattan. It should be with a Rye whisky (difficult to find in Argentina), with Carpano Antiqua Vermouth (almost impossible to get), Angustura bitters and nice bourbon cherries. There is no way to find nice bourbon cherries in Argentina, and I thought for a minute that this was getting harder and maybe we should have some good Malbec wine, and that will be ok. 

My friends Tim Danis, who I enjoy a lot in the field and at the lodge when he comes hunting, taught me once that there is nothing impossible if you really try hard. So step one, let’s think about it, and internet was the answer. But Matt was coming to Argentina in 3 weeks and he was bringing us a GoPro camera and a Samsung Galaxy phone, so there was not a single chance to fail. 

To found the ingredients in a famous website that remind me to Brazil was not that difficult, except for the whisky. So we purchased the ingredients and send them to Wayne’s house in Dallas. Then I asked Wayne to be so nice to get us a Rye whisky, and somebody else was tracking the Carpano Antiqua Vermouth. 

Now, we have it in one of the best lodges in Cordoba, with one of the best guides Lucas. The doves were flying very well and weather was lovely for hunting; and there were some ingredients for the unique Manhattan drink. It was also good that Gabriel was the waitress and sommelier at the lodge, his passion for preparing good drinks is amazing and unique. We had all in our hands.

I have to confess that I had a nice feeling about it; it sounds great to be able to help our friends in this amazing request. I had Tim Danis words in my head all the time: “just make it happen, there is nothing really that impossible”. 

By the time Matt, Andrew and Andy arrive to Argentina, I was on my trip back from US. Our head guide, Martin, pick them up at the airport and take them direct to the field, for barbecue and amazing dove hunt in the fields; it was some of the last dove hunts in Macha valley before the doves transition. I had mate with Wayne in Dallas and got all my ingredients, except the vermouth. Two days later, I was in AA airlines flight to Buenos Aires with a Rye whisky, the Angustura bitters and nice bourbon cherries in my luggage. Somebody have some vermouth for us in Cordoba to make the magic.

I had met with our guest for lunch in the field and we did some photos and videos, and after a great hunt in Churqi we were back at the lodge, with all the ingredients. I had a joy in my soul that we were able to satisfy Matt with a truth Manhattan drink, and for the first time in my life we had a real Manhattan with bourbon cherries. I wish we could make you enjoy this drink too one day, and have the pleasure to shoot some doves in a paradise and have the best argentine meals you can imagine, so keep in touch and sign for newsletter at Pointer Wingshooting and we will keep you in the loop.

Life is all about small details and taking care of our people, and I the meantime we try to have fun, right? Well, Cordoba is a great excuse for this!! We are looking forward to see you soon. Matt last email was: “glad I gave you such a challenge!”

My best

Pablo Aguiló


Pointer Wingshooting



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