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Shooting Reports & News

Oldie but Goodie

Joe, David, Chris and Mary came in August, one of my favorite months for wingshooting. Although there’s no season in Argentina when it comes to birds and the hunting is just AWESOME all year round, I like August. The birds are in the hilly area at this time of year and we have very well located fields…

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Brian the Mariachi

Brian the Mariachi! That’s how we decided to call the leader of this group, whose birthday was celebrated at the lodge with his six friends. The Mariachis came to give Brian a surprise on that special day. Drinks, music, dancing, laughing, I had the chance to share a great time with Brian, Kenny, Gary,…

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Girls Should Be The Next Ones

This trip started like “The Beginning of hunting vacations with friends!” These were Sarah’s words in her second day in Cordoba Argentina with Pointer Outfitters. This group was Sarah and her three friends Stacey, Candence, Sussan, and her friend Jimmy.

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It Is A Great Place to Shoot Birds

Joseph, Lee, Joseph and Benjamin are family and friends! They chose Cordoba to spend some quality time together doing what they like best: wingshooting. Of course, Cordoba wingshooting was not going to disappoint them, and all Pointer Outfitters’ staff was committed to giving them the most awesome…

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The Rain Wont Stop Them

One of the guys from this group said “There was not even a moment, not even one, where I stopped to wonder 'where are the birds?' Quite the opposite, the were more and more and more birds every day!" This group arrived at midday, just in time for a delicious lunch and a great afternoon hunt in Los…

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So Much Fun Here

For the third day in Cordoba, our guests wanted to explore the city and get to know a bit more of the country. From the Travel and Leisure department, Cici had organized this tour for the guys and she guided it herself. They arrived at the city at about 10.45 am and started visiting the historic center…

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Time to Enjoy

What a busy month August is! We are happy to meet new hunters almost every day and to enjoy the anecdotes and fun moments we spend with each of them. James, Kent and William arrived on the 18th of August. We went straight to the field and after a delicious lunch we started the hunt.

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The Greatest Shoot Food and People

Matthew Rovira’s group was scheduled to arrive in two separate groups, so the first time we went to the airport, we picked Matthew, took him to the lodge where he had some time to rest before his friends came. At almost midday we drove him to the field were he was going to wait for his friends.

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Cant Wait to Come Back Another Time

Our guests Paul, William, Aaron, Joseph and Jake arrived to Cordoba after spending some time in Buenos Aires City. When our guests come through Buenos Aires international airport when always suggest them to take advantage of the fact that they are there and enjoy the city and its surroundings.

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Family Trip

It’s a family trip! Betty and her husband William came to experience big volume doves in Argentina with their sons Robert and Ross. We picked them up from the airport and drove them to the field, where we had lunch ready.

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Come Over and Check Out This Place

If our guests are coming through Chile, we know that it won’t take them longer than 50 minutes to and in Cordoba, the world capital for dove hunting. We picked them up, introduce ourselves, help them with the luggage and then we drive them to La Loma Lodge, their accommodation for the four exciting…

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See You Next Year

Our guests were picked up at Azur Real Hotel in Cordoba to start what would become later the most exciting hunting experience ever! As soon as we arrived to the field, we introduced them to their field assistants and the hunting began. After a couple of hours they felt the weariness in their bodies.…

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