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It is All About the Details

Last week, Pointer Outfitters welcomed some special guests: Mark and Logan from Huston and Halley from Luisiana. We are proud to say that they were positively surprised. If there’s something we really like, is to make our guests have the best time, the best experience.

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We love working hard to make their trips live up to their highest expectations. And that’s what happened with this group, as well as with all the groups we receive.

Mark, Logan and Halley were here just for a day and a half of hunt. But it was enough for them to be happy with their trip. They were very surprised by the great show we put up at the field: The furniture, comfortable leather chairs and a nicely set table with leather placemats and traditional Argentine cutlery. They also loved how the coolers were covered in leather cases and how we hung hammocks for our guests to relax after lunch. What can we say about the food? They loved asados. Probably, I mention this in every single report, but I have to. Our guests should know it: We Argentinians love making asados for people. We love offering them the best meat cooked in the best and most traditional way. It’s a pleasure for our chefs to cook an asado for our hunters. 

As I said, they were amazed by the details. When they got to La Loma Lodge, the girls, as they always do, were waiting for them at the entrance, with wet towels from them to clean their hands and face and appetizers so as to start enjoying them straight away. They offered great drinks and delicious home made dinners.

About the hunt, they saw amazing volume of doves. As I said before, they only got to experience the hunt for a day and a half, but it was more than enough to know that there’s a reason why Argentina is so popular among passionate bird hunters. There’s a reason why Cordoba is called “The World Capital of Doves” 

Before they left, they had a question that couldn’t be left unanswered: Were we so careful with all the details just because it was them? Were we going the extra mile for them? Definitely not. Pointer Outfitters is about that, the passion with which we assist every guest, the smiles and the great time we have with them, the great service, the great food, the details, the camaraderie, the amount of birds. And this is what you’ll experience when you come, because we love what we do!

Vicky, our hostess that shared dinner with them said

 I had the pleasure to meet Mark, Logan, and Halley Tomas, on a sunny Thursday afternoon at La Loma Lodge. They are a very lovely family from Texas that arrived in Cordoba a couple of days ago.

When I got to the lodge, they were already by the fire pit, admiring the beauty of that place, and they welcomed me with a big smile and hugs!

We sat down with our drinks and some appetizers to enjoy before dinner. I remember Mark, being just completely amazed by every single thing he had experienced that day. He started telling me about the hunting, the lunch at the field, and the great nap they took before the afternoon hunt on the hammocks under the shade of a huge tree! 

There was a lot of amazing storytelling during this couple of hours that we spent together. I really can't remember every detail of each one of them. but one thing is certain; I'll remember this group forever. They are really kind, humble and funny, so I'm nothing but grateful to had been able to meet them. Mark was specially happy about the food. He couldn’t believe how delicious the lunch at the field had been. He told me about all the places he had visited and how amazed it was to have experienced this. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Argentina very soon my friends!

Federico Silva

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