More Doves Than You Ever Dreamed Of

By the end of August, we welcomed guests Braxton, Jeremy, Chris and Mark.

They arrived at 11:00 am and headed to the lodge. They decided to skip the field that first day and get some rest instead. They had been flying for an entire day and they were exhausted.

After getting some well deserved sleep, on the following day we took to the Jesús María area, to a field by the river bank. It was a fantastic morning because of the many many birds flying everywhere! One guest let me know he wanted to get to the 1000 doves, so the whole team set that as the goal of the day.

At lunch time, the group share the table with groups that were staying in La Loma lodge and Jesús María Resort

After lunch, they wanted to take a nap on the hammocks under the trees. They rested for about an hour and they were ready for the afternoon session. This time, we reorganized the posts on the other side of the river. It was a good idea because two of them shot 1000 doves!

The next day, on Thursday, we went to La Para, a small town located in the northeast of the province.

The group wanted to hit 1000 birds again, so it was a busy morning: we were moving constantly trying to get as many doves as possible. 

At 11:30 we stopped the shooting and got back to the camp. Federico, the cook, was already waiting for them with lunch: our traditional asado.

For the afternoon hunt that same day, we went to a different field, this time to a field near the roost. Once again, two of them got the 1000 doves!

On their last day, we went back to Jesús María. We started the morning hunt with an incredible amount of doves! The shot as much as the could, and by lunchtime, they were exhausted! After getting a quick nap on the field, they decided to take it a bit easy on their last afternoon hunt, but yet, managed to hit 1000 doves one more time!

Not only were they incredible shooters, but they were also a fun group of friends who just wanted to have a great time doing what they love!

They went back home with a smile on their faces, amazed with the Pointer Outfitters experience and with beyond grateful with the whole team.


And you, would you like to be the next one?


Mariano Taboada

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina 

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