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So Much Fun in Argentina

When reality exceeds your expectations, the only thing you want to do is stay hunting in Argentina!

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On August 24th we welcomed a huge family & friends group: Hannah and Austin - wife and husband-, Ben and Mitchell - father and son-, Greg and Amy -husband and wife-, and Daniel and Trent -old good friends-. They were so happy to see us! We picked them up at the Azur Real Hotel, in Córdoba city, where they had spent the night. We went straight away to the field; they were anxious to start the hunting! It was a perfect day: nice temperature, bright sun and a gentle breeze. We went to a field in the flatlands near Jesús María. It was full of doves! It took them some time to get used to so many birds! Around 5 pm we began the short trip to the Jesus Maria resort, where they were staying. They wanted to know it! Once there, they were amazed with the building and its gorgeous park. They accommodated in their rooms and a few minutes later they were out for some snacks in the firepit. 

The second day we went to La Para. It is a 1:20 drive, but it is worth it. It is a superb field. That they we had some northern wind - which is characterized for being a little bit hot-, so the dove was a flying high during the morning. Austin told us about his goal for this trip to Argentina: he wanted to shoot 1000 doves! And let us tell, if you are a good shooter, you will do it undoubtedly! He shot more than 20 boxes in the morning. It was time for lunch, so we took a break. Yet, Austin was anxious to go back to the field to reach his goal, of course! At 1:30 pm we were back to hunt. And after a few hours… Austin reached a thousand doves! He was so happy to have made it. It was his second they in the field, and he had already achieved his main goal of this trip. He was overjoyed! 

The following day Hannah and Amy decided to take some time off hunting, but they joined us anyway. All of them went to the field. It was in the high land, an area called Gavilan. It is a beautiful place: hills, small rivers, and a marvelous landscape. We did not only the field by itself, but also our way there. Besides, it was a bright day! And the best of all: it was full of doves. During the afternoon hunting, we decided to add more fun to it and made groups of shooters! It was really fun. Meanwhile, Hannah and Amy didn’t miss a single moment of all this party: they there the whole time, taking pictures and enjoying watching their families!

The fourth day, Hannah and Amy took a break from the field and went for a spa day to Córdoba. Then, we took the 6 men to the field. We went to Sarmiento, a few miles away from the resort. That field is wonderful. It has a river that crosses it, right in the middle of a reedbed. There are a hundred dove nests here, so this guarantees thousands of doves! We shot a lot! The main idea of this trip was to spend some family time and enjoy the days off work. They liked to stay easy in the camp, taking a drink during the break before going back to the field. 

The fifth day was the last day. We went to the field for a morning hunting. It was a wonderful day and a great way of ending the trip! After lunch we went back to the resort to grab the luggage and begin the trip to Córdoba city. The were staying one more night in the Azur Real hotel. They had a blast hunting with Pointer, and they promised to be back so. We will be waiting for them! 



Federico Silva

Field Guide


Edited by Julieta Romero Díaz




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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