Spectacular Wing Shooting Trip in Cordoba

When our guests come at noon, we like to take them straight to the field to join the fun as soon as possible.

Corbett, Cory and David arrived in Córdoba after spending some days in Buenos Aires. They’d been duck hunting in Las Rosas lodge, a family ranch in Las Flores.  

Once they got in Córdoba, they wanted to go straight to the field. We took them to a corn field in Jesús María. It was quite windy, but the hunt was very good. 

From what we could infer on their first hunting day, we could easily tell they love hunting and shooting a lot. For their 2nd day, we went to La Para, a quiet small town in the plains of the north of Córdoba. We went to a roost area, so it was an incredible morning! 

After lunch, and for the afternoon hunt, Corbett asked if it was possible to put together a hunting stand big enough so all three could hunt together. For security reasons and for comfort, our stands are usually for two people, but we made an exception this time and assembled a stand for the three of them.

That day, they shot nearly 250 boxes! We stayed there until the sun went down, which is quite unusual since we always returned to the lodge when the sun’s till up.

7:30 am of day 3 and we left the lodge to go to a corn field in Jesús María. We shot there up until lunch time. It was a cloudy and very cold day, so it was a good idea to stop, relax and eat some warm food. 

David, the cook, had prepared for them dove tacos, doves in wine sauce and dove brochettes. The main course was our traditional asado

All the food was delicious, and the group was delighted with the variety in the food!

After the copious lunch, they took a nap in the hammocks under the trees and, once they got some rest, the hunt was resumed.

Luckily, the sun came up, which made the afternoon more enjoyable and not so cold.

At the end of the afternoon, we drove the group back to San Huberto lodge, a beautiful and charming estancia.

Since Corbett, Cory and David enjoyed hunting in La Para so much they asked us to go to a similar field or location on their 4th and last day. 

We decided to go to Santa Rosa de Río Primero, a small town in the center-northeast of the province, located by the Primero river. 

We arrived at lunch time and hunted in the afternoon. They amazed with amount of birds flying everywhere! 

That day, after returning to the lodge they asked to go out to dinner with all of the field assistants, the field guide and the cook, as a mean to say thank you everyone for the great team work and the fantastic days they enjoyed in Córdoba. So that night, we went to a local parrilla and enjoyed the last asado altogether!


And you, would you like to be the next one?

Federico Silva

Field Guide


Pointer Outfitters Argentina

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