New Members of The Thousand Doves Club

Another bright day in Argentina. I’m super excited to get to know another group of friends that decided come hunting with us. What an honor!

This adventure starts when I pick John up at the Azur Real Hotel located in downtown Cordoba. This is a very nice hotel that most of our clients decide to visit before or after their hunting days. We always say this is kind of a hidden hotel in the heart of the city, where you can go relax, find intimate spaces and be surprised with every detail for a unique accommodation. This is a very exclusive place to spend a night or two. 

After picking John up, we went to Cordoba’s airport to get his friends that were arriving that same morning. 

They got together and were super happy to be here! We started our way to the field. 

That morning hunt was short but great. They were amazed by the amount of doves we have here in Cordoba. 

Lunch time was here and we prepared the camp as we do for all our clients. Different cuts of meat, the best of the best, pork, beef, loin, sausage, chiken, even doves in red wine! 

Now, it was time for a quick nap and the hammocks, under the shade of ancient trees.

The afternoon hunt was close, so we took our guests to the blinds and started shooting again. You could tell they were big hunters since they were so into it.

Two hours passed and the group was ready to go to the lodge. They had a pretty long day and were a bit tired.

I took them to La Loma Lodge, our most famous lodge in Cordoba. This is perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba. The La Loma experience offers superb shooting year-round. It is a 60-minute drive from the airport; close to Totoral City on national road number 9. 

This Famous Argentine Estancia has been renovated in 2014 and it is now one of the most requested destinations for Dove Hunting in Northern Cordoba. An excellent private lodge providing superior service!

The next day, I picked them up at 8 am and we left to the field. John was super relaxed since the night before, after dinner, he took a massage at the lodge. He was feeling like a million bucks! They had a great day at the field. doves everywhere, flying high and low, fast and slow, very interesting.

The third and fourth day were just as good as the first two. Stephen and Harlan shot a 1000 doves on the last day! Can you believe that?! A THOUSAND! 

Welcome to the Pointer Club, guys! 

We hope to have you here again soon! 

Julian Cheble
Head Guide

Translation by Victoria Fallótico

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