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Doves and Rodeo in Cordoba

Welcome Scott, Mike, Roy and Kent, our first group of 2018! What a better way to kick off the new year than by gathering a group of friends and coming wing shooting to the best place in the world!

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At about 12.30 we arrived at the field, the Bennelis and Berettas were ready waiting for them. The group visiting us this time was from Dallas and they were very excited to be here and start the hunt.

Scott, Mark, Roy and Kent enjoyed a great great hunt on their very first day. They shot more than 500 shells just in the afternoon hunt. The doves are amazing at this time of year in the lower areas of the region.

On their second day, Scott and Mike achieved the 1000 doves mark on an awesome day of hunting. Doves were abundant in the region of water, just 1 hour drive from the lodge (which is totally worth it!)

The food was amazing too. Dove skewers with bell pepper and onions. We had a new chef this time! Ignacio Aguilo was trying his luck with the cooking, and we have to say that our guests quite liked it! Haha jokes, his asado was amazing!

At Pointer Outfitters, we focus on the overall experience. Million birds, delicious food, but a lot of fun too! There was a moment of fun when the hunters decided to shoot some parakeets, our guests are usually curious and equally excited at the abundance of those here!
Roy had decided to keep some of the doves he had shot down so as to have a good picture taken with them and next thing we know, a nice iguana snatch it away and was eating it when Roy wanted to take his picture! LOL be careful guys! Iguanas are part of the wildlife you get to see when you’re hunting!

Kent did not want to be left out and on his third day shot down the thousand birds he had been waiting for since the first day of the trip!

If you’re visiting Cordoba in January, there’s a must do you have to know. Just 20 minutes away from the lodge, an international festival is held and it is a show of the most Argentinian traditions you could ever think of: horse riding, training and rodeo, folkloric music and the best beef and wine.

These guys knew that doing as the locals do was the way to go and they asked Cici from the Travel and Leisure department to book their spot at this very lively festival. They had seats at the VIP grill, inside the anphiteather, with great views of the rodeo and stage.  In Argentina, January is summer and nights are beautiful, so we did not make our way to the place until 8.30 pm.
Once there, they enojed the classic beef filled Argentinian empanadas, the asado with its grilled ribs, sausages, lamb and pork, the typical scrambled eggs and French fries as sides and the brownies with ice cream for dessert. The most exciting part of the festival is when the gauchos, typical Argentine rural workers, actually ride this horses, which seem to be wild from the way they buck. At this point, our guests took some pictures, made some videos and shared them on social networks! I also heard some screams, who doesn’t scream when the rider is about to fall from the horse!?

After such a great time we made our way back to La Loma lodge at about middnight. Not much fiesta, the next day, a full hunt awaits! Roy was the last one to get into the 1000 birds club and he did it on his last day of hunting. The four of them go back home with their 1000 doves Tshirts to show off among their friends!

What a great trip this was! We hope to see you again soon!

You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Pointer Outfitters

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