Argentine Style Hunt

After a long flight, Michael Guess and his friends arrived in Cordoba. We were waiting for them at the airport. They were picked up and then taken directly to the field in which our chef was waiting for them with the incredible Argentine asado, and where some friendships were ready to be made…!

George, John, and Tim arrived on April 18th. They spent their first night in a hotel in Cordoba. The following morning, we picked them up and went straight to the field, where we arrived at around 11 in the morning. They shot for an hour, and then we went to the camp to have some lunch. They were surprised and grateful by our attention to detail, and they felt very comfortable with us. 

They were thrilled by the idea of taking a nap on the field, so after lunch, they decided to get some rest on the hammocks that we hang from the trees. After a while, a group made up of four friends, Michael, Dakota, Thomas, and Jon arrived, so George and his friends got up to introduce themselves and they sat on the table while the new group was having lunch. 

Michael, Dakota, Thomas and Jon’s flight was delayed, and so they arrived a little later than expected on April 19th. They were tired and exhausted from their trip but still, they decided to go straight to the field.  

Once we got there, we took them to the camp where the table was set and they were surprised by the amount of delicious food our chef had prepared for them.

Afterward, each one of them was introduced to their field assistants and they were ready and eager to do some proper hunt.

During the afternoon, there was a lot of north wind and doves were flying higher than usual, but hunters still managed to shoot a great amount of doves. By the end of the day, both groups sat down for a while to have some rest and share a chat over some cold beer and wine.

Once they started shooting, I went to check everyone. They were amazed by how many birds there were since they don’t get to see much of them in the States. Both groups really hit it off and even compete each other amicably to see who was the best shooter.

Back at the lodge, Mariana, their hostess for the night, was waiting for them with some drinks. They went to their bedrooms to get cleaned up and enjoyed some cocktails before dinner.


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