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What a Wild Ride

April is a good month for some good wingshooting. In Cordoba, the fields of sunflowers are ready to be harvested and, as usual in this time of the season, lots of birds move around looking for food. During the first days of the month, we received our guests Greg, Clay, Stuart, his son Garrett, and Kevin.

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They arrived on the 9 am flight at the airport, where Juan Cruz and Federico were waiting for them. As usual, we skipped going to the lodge and drove straight to the field instead for some good morning hunt. After arriving to the field, where some representatives from Pointer Outfitters were waiting for them and the chef was getting everything ready for lunch, we headed to the camp.

Greg, Clay, Stuart, Garrett, and Kevin were introduced to their field assistants and began shooting straight away. They were eager to shoot! Kevin and Stuart were impressed with the amount of birds! They aren’t used to see so many birds in the States!

After some delicious lunch, they decided to take a nap since they weren’t able to get some proper sleep during the flight. They woke up at 3 pm, and at around 4 we went hunting again. They decided to hunt in groups of two and three.

During the afternoon hunt, though, Kevin was the first one to go because he was too tired. And at around 5 pm we decided to wrap it up for the day and returned to the camp, where they spent some quality time together while having something to drink.

After that, we went back to the lodge where Silvia was waiting for them.

The following day we left very early in the morning because it is a long trip to Santa Rosa de Rio Primero. Santa Rosa de Río Primero is a beautiful town located in the center-northeast of Cordoba, about 75 km from the Capital city. 

They made the most of the road trip where, apart from joking and laughing, they settled a competition to see whether who shot the best, and who shot the most. I have to say they decided to take it easy at first by shooting in groups of two during that morning.

After lunch, Ignacio joined us together with some other guests.

It was Nelson’s birthday, and for that reason, some of the field assistants had taken some wigs to the field in order to celebrate Nelson. Our guests were all cheerful singing Happy Birthday to him, and they also took tons of pictures! It was a great way to relax a bit after lunch.

It was a long afternoon because they wanted to shoot as much as possible. Before leaving that day, they grabbed one box of shells each and compete one another to see who hunted the more with only one box. Needless to say they were all even!

During the road trip back to the lodge, they asked if we could play some music so we turned on the radio, and they sang the whole trip while enjoying some cold beers.

The following day, we left the lodge at 8 in the morning. We went to Villa Fontana, a small town on the way to La Para. As we got there, to the field, they were telling some anecdotes about an experience they had in some other place, but they concluded that this was a first class experience

After arriving to the field, they didn’t go shooting straight away. There were other guests as well, and the chatted a little bit with all of them.

That morning they shot separately, but the competition was still on! The goal was previously set, and it was who was able to shoot more birds in an entire day of hunting!

At the camp, Gabi, the chef, was waiting for them with some stew. They were impressed with all the delicious food they had had during those days. All five of them were in awe with Gabi! They were all very very pleased!

After lunch, they took a 2 hours nap, and in the afternoon they decided to shoot all five together. Beware, they were still competing! Field assistants included this time!

During the trip back to the lodge, they introduced us to the music of Alan Jackson, who’s a country singer from the States and they were crazy about him!

On their last day, they decided to go for a morning hunt early in the morning. They were still quite tired after four long days, so they just wanted to shot just for a few hours. They preferred to chill at the field and share some time with the whole team.

They had one last mouth-watering lunch, and after that they said goodbye to everyone before going back to the lodge.


And you... would you like to be the next one?


Federico Gervasoni

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina




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