Back For A Good Hunt

As the weather is cooling down and winter is coming, May and June present a great opportunity to visit Argentina.

Quique, Rafael, Fernando, Jose Miguel, Rogelio and Edgardo arrived to San Carlos de Bariloche, a city in Río Negro province, located in Patagonia.

Most commonly known as Bariloche, it is a city which main attractions are skiing, trekking, doing excursions, rafting and fishing, among others. It is also popular for it numerous restaurants, cafés and chocolate shops.

After that, our guests arrived at Buenos Aires to do some sightseeing. Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and with its European-style architecture, it has a rich cultural life. It is a city with a lot of diversity and visitors have lots of places to visit, from parks and squares, landmarks and museums to tango shows and restaurants to experience national gastronomy.

Finally, they arrived at Cordoba city on May 6th. They stayed at La Loma lodge, which is a beautiful estancia built in 1908, and it was their second time with us.

This group of guests is very particular because they are all so friendly and nice that they make you feel as if you were one of them, and it made us really happy to receive them once again.

The weather did not help much, though, since it rained the whole 3 days, but we did not let it be a hindrance to have some fun while hunting. Our guests hunted all three days in the lowlands in Jesus Maria and La Para, during the mornings and the afternoons. On the last day, we woke very early but due to the heavy rain, we had to wait 3 hours at the lodge, which gave us a chance to have some breakfast and a good chat. 

Besides hunting, our guests were really excited about the food. So, on the first day, we decided to have lunch at the field. We had the typical Argentine asado, with lomo, ribs and matambre plus roasted chicken and pigeon. 

On the second and third day of their stay, we surprised them with a roast pork in a fire pit and roast lamb. They have brought ají and they seasoned all the food with that. 

Though it was raining, we hung hammocks on the trees for them to enjoy a light nap on the field. While they were having a nap, during the second day, Rafael got up and, with a knife, he cut the ropes of the hammock where Rogelio was peacefully sleeping. Obviously, he woke up while falling, and the laughs lasted for the whole trip.

Once again, we prove that is not only about the hunt, but also to experience a good time with friends and family while visiting new places.


And you… would you like to be the next one?




Federico Silva


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