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Pointer Outfitters Exceeds All Expectations

Even though you can dove hunt all year round, February is one of the best months for dove hunting because of the amount of birds there is, it can also be kind of tricky. This summer month is usually humid with high probabilities of rain, but that is not an obstacle to having a good time.

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We said goodbye to February by welcoming our guests Tom, Richard, Tom, Kevin, Sammy, Greg, Lance, Jerry and Corey. Three different groups that met here and left as friends.


From Missouri, Tom, Richard, Tom and Kevin came prepared to hunt for four full days. All of them were impressive hunters, but most importantly really good people who were also ready to have fun.  Kevin wrote a song and he kept on singing it and joking about it during their whole trip. The four of them together with Tata, one our guides, hunted and danced away on the fields. They shot a lot of doves and went back home happy and planning to come back soon.  


Also from Missouri, and from the same area than Tom and the rest of the guys, Sammy and Greg arrived three days later. They’re two friends who, besides hunting together, work together. It was their first time at our country and they were really impressed with the amazing days they got.


Sammy and Greg shot 1000 doves each at La Para. They had a great experience and they are already looking at dates to come back and do mix bag. Even though Sammy got sick and wasn't feeling good to go down the field, Emmanuel and Juan Cruz had a great time with them. They really liked the field and the food at the lodge.

Both of them are experienced hunters, and they really know a lot about guns. They loved our Benellis Montefeltro. They felt really comfortable with us and we’re really happy to say the same. One afternoon we hang a hammock at the field for them to take a nap. They got everything they wanted.


Last but not least, from San Antonio, Texas, arrived a group made up of a father, a son, and a family friend. Lance, Jerry and Corey arrived a day earlier to Cordoba city. They spent their first night at Azur Real Hotel and had dinner at Alcorta Carnes y Vinos, experiencing already the great cuisine and wines our country has to offer.

Our hunting days start quite early, so we picked them up the following day and took them straight to the field for a morning hunt.


Once again, all three of them were experienced hunters. What they enjoy the most is doing big game, whether it is in South Africa or in Texas, their hometown. They’ve hunted from buffalos to white-tail deer and wild boars, but were eager to try something new and we’re pleased they’ve chosen Pointer Outfitters. 

They were not used to shooting doves, but they loved the experience, and they enjoyed the different fields where we took them.

The weather didn't help but that didn’t stop them from having a great time and sharing some laughs. One they, as they were driving to the field with Hector and Sapo, it started raining and they agreed on cancelling because of the thunderstorm.


All three groups chose to stay at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort. With its "modern colonial" style, this lodge combines the comfort of a first-class hotel with a rural setting that provides guests with a perfect relaxed environment. 


While on the field, they share the most popular social gathering of our country: Asado. The traditional Argentine asado consists of chorizos (sausages) and blood sausage, followed by various sweetbreads, before serving the rest of the meat. Ribs, hindquarter cut and intestines and numerous cuts are also included. Asado is accompanied by salad, and it is traditionally served with chimichurri, which is an uncooked sauce made of parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano and vinegar. They loved it so much that we gave Lance some to take back home.


If you really want to have a great time, YOU SHOULD BE THE NEXT ONE!


Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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