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Finest Dove Hunting Destination

On the 16th of March, we received Myles McClelland’s group. He came with Shane, Alfred, and Andrew. They arrived at midnight and, once at the airport, they were picked up by one of our company representative who drove them to La Loma Lodge so that they could have some sleep and get ready for the following day. They were eager for their first dove hunting session!

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The first morning, our guests decided to stay in La Loma Lodge to get familiar with the place and its beautiful surroundings. La Loma Lodge is ideal for families and groups of friends who desire comfort and service. This famous Argentine Estancia is one of the most requested destinations for dove hunting in Northern Cordoba. It's situated 80 km from the capital city of Cordoba and just 25 minutes from the dove shooting area, which makes it even more perfect. 

Near midday, we drove straight to the field, where our cook was preparing our guests a delicious meal - the typical Argentine BBQ. Asado, as it is well-known here, consists of top quality beef accompanied by various types of salad, great wine, and beer.  If you ever come to Argentine, chances are you will love our traditional asado – in fact, everybody does! 

After lunchtime, the guys were ready to hunt. Since the very moment they saw thousands of doves flying over them, they got really excited. Therefore, they skipped siesta time to begin with the hunting session. Myles is an impressive hunter who doesn’t get enough of it. He was fascinated as he could shoot more than 1050 shells in 2 and a half hours! 

This, he said, was unbelievable since in his hometown he had never made that amount of shells and surely not in that short period of time. His team also enjoyed the first day of dove hunt and all of them were able to shoot more than 500 shells. Myles told us that his goal for the next hunting day was to hunt 1000 doves. I must say he is determined guy and a really skillful hunter!

On our second day of hunt experience, we left the lodge at 8.15 am and we headed to a field located in La Para. Even though this place is far away from the lodges, most of our guests choose to go dove hunting there as it’s a dove hot spot. 

As Andrew and Myles had spent the previous night having some cocktails and sharing laughs till late, they felt a little tired. However, once at the field, they got ready to dove hunt. Even though the doves were flying higher than usual and the weather was windy, the guys managed to shoot a lot of wings

The anecdote of the day was on Myles. On our way to the field, he told us he felt a little sick, so he asked to stop at a gas station and he got off quickly to the restroom. He needed a quick stop! It was really funny and we all laugh a lot! Then, at the field, Gabi, our experienced cook, prepared them a delicious BBQ for lunchtime. 

After lunch, Gaby offered some mate to our guests, who were curious of its taste. At first, they did not like mate, but once they tried it, they loved it! Mate is an extremely popular beverage in Argentina and sharing it with friends and family has become a kind of ritual. Some of our guests may find mate a little bitter or even unsavory, but most of them just adore it! 

Towards the afternoon the day was sunny, though quite hot, so we went dove hunt. Luckily, we found a nice place under the shadow of the trees because the guys were exhausted by the sun. After a great hunting session, we drove them to the lodge, where they decided to have a nice massage session to relieve pain shoulder caused by the guns. Massages at night sound pretty relaxing, right? 

Unfortunately, the following day windy so our guests decided to take it easy: some relax at the lodge and then, asado there to feel as if they were on the field. Around 2 pm we left the lodge and, this time, we changed from the flatlands to the hills. Once there, the guys decided to get in pairs. They formed two teams and played a sort of competition, which is always a great idea to make the most of the dove hunt experience. They laughed a lot and got really competitive. The field assistant also participated in the shooting - such an amazing game! 

Towards the end of the day, I took them a photo so that they could remember wonderful moments they’ve spent together in the hunting day. We went back to the lodge and they were eager for the massage sessions they had already scheduled with our staff. To tell the truth, who wouldn’t love massages after a long day of wing shooting in the field? 

On our last day of dove shooting trip, Myles and his group stayed in La Loma Lodge having some rest and sharing some quality time together. They were already planning a competition for their next trip. They told me it will consist of teams of two to see who of them is actually the best shooter.  

We ate asado again since our guests told us they liked it the most. More pictures of all of them were taken and they finally gave a warm applause to our cook who had prepared them the BBQs throughout their days in Cordoba, Argentina

It has been a pleasure to spend these four wonderful days with our guests. We hope they have enjoyed their hunting experience as much as we did. 

You should be the next one!

Federico Gervasoni

Field guide

Pointer Outfitters 




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