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Hunting is a Lifestyle

We have been hunting together with Greg Reyes a couple of times in the last few years, but this last hunting trip was different. We were looking forward to meet our friend and his family once again. It was, probably, the best trip ever and we find out that we should repeat it more often.

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Greg is a friend of Pointer Outfitters from a long time ago. He has a fishing lodge in Alaska, so he is a quite experienced fisherman who has fished with Pablo all around the world. As Greg has come to Argentina and Uruguay several times to do some Wingshooting, he is also an accomplished hunter. 

This time, he came to visit us with his wife Jocelyn and his father-in-law, Joseph. They arrived a few days earlier in Buenos Aires. And they finally arrived in Cordoba at lunchtime on a sunny Thursday in April.

Greg really loves to wingshoot, so we took them to the lowlands and to Chalacea, which is a new field for us, and there were loads of doves. 

He always has a lot of anecdotes and stories to tell regarding his experience with his own fishing lodge which, not only do we enjoy hearing about them, but also we learn a lot and make us want to get better at what we do. It is a rewarding exchange because he also learns from us as he always notices how detail-driven we are. It is always a fruitful and pleasurable experience to have guests like Greg and his family.

The three of them hunted for three full days. Santiago was Greg’s field assistant, while Emanuel was Jocelyn’s and Pica was Joseph’s.

Greg decided to shot with a Benelli 20-gauge shotgun and so did Jocelyn. In this case, we changed the stock for a shorter stock so she could be more comfortable and easily hit the target. She was very glad for this change.

It was Joseph’s first time in our country- he was a quiet and kind man who enjoyed asados and lunches at the field.

Gabi, our chef, surprised us with different pigeon recipes. Pigeon meat is rich and tasty and it makes for an ideal serving with autumnal seasonal ingredients, like he did in this case with mustard, red wine, and dried tomatoes. They accompanied it with a good wine, cold beer and Campari, vodka and orange juice cocktails.


It was a great hunt, it was a great trip, and very importantly, it was a hunt with great friends. Hopefully, we will see each other soon!


And you… Would you like to be the next one?



Martin Andrada


Field Assitant


Pointer Outfitters




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