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Second Time in Argentina

It was these guys’ second visit to Argentina. The food, the people, the hospitality, and the shooting of course, were the reasons why they had decided to be back. The difference this time: they chose Cordoba!

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We let this group experience the hunt in the hilly areas of the province, La Tuna roost was the place chosen for their first day and they absolutely loved the experience. They liked the place and they liked the shooting, which was different from what they had experienced in his previous trip, which had been in San Luis, in the flatlands.

That night after the first day of shooting, the beautiful estancia La Loma was waiting for them in full swing. Drinks served, hot appetizers, the fire on. The staff were waiting for this group to welcome them to this beautiful place built in 1908 which is now iconic in the town of Totoral and is always full of the good energy of our hunters. That night they also decided to enjoy some massage, such a relief after an intense day of hunting!

Another reason why they loved Cordoba this time is for the logistics. The flight options to come here are very straight forward and then the transfers to the lodge and to the fields are very, very convenient. So let’s say, you get your international flight to Chile, and once you’re there it’s only a one hour flight to Cordoba. Once you are in Cordoba airport is a one hour drive to the lodge. Convenient, right?

One last reason they came back? The chimichurri! They loved the one our cook Nacho prepared. Besides being a great cook, Nacho had fun with these guys as well. Check it in the pictures!

One of the hunting days we chose La Para area to go shooting. Since the moment we got on the van, the group was very excited. They wanted to achieve the thousand birds in a day mark! It might sound crazy if this is the first time you’re reading one of our reports, but let me tell you, almost every group has a member who achieves it! And they even achieve more! And usually all the members of the group get the 1000! It is really, up to you.

Scott, Oman and his son finally achieved the 1000 birds, and got their shirts so they couldn’t be happier!

Besides getting their 1000 doves complimentary Tshirt, they got some bags of chimichurri as well! They loved it so much that they wanted to take some back home!

On their last day, the guys had fun with their field assistants and played some jokes on them. The camaraderie and the friendliness of the field assistants is something I like to highlight every single time I talk about them. If you’ve already been hunting with us, share your fun anecdotes with your field assistant!

Alright guys, what a great time we had! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

You should be the next one!

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Martin Andrada

Head Guide



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