Rocking a Family Hunt

Winter can be harsh, but when it comes to hunting nothing can stop us!

Let me introduce you to this amazing group of family and friends! They are Lane and Todd, Charles and Parker, William, Crawford, Oliver, and Elizabeth.  

 The day of the arrival was quite messy. We went to pick up the group, but their flight was delayed. It was so windy! The airline lost their luggage. When they landed, they realized that they were going to freeze in their shorts! So they decided that going to the hotel was the best option. 

 They did not want to hunt with their clothes, so I went back to Cordoba city at 5 a.m. to see if I could figure it out. And then was when problems began. The luggage was nowhere! It wasn’t on any flight. So I had to go back to the lodge with my hands empty. We lent them some clothes so that they could begin hunting.  

We went to the fields, and while we were eating, the long desired call entered. Their luggage was finally in Cordoba! I went straight away to pick it up, and when I got back to the lodge I saw the happiest people ever! They jumped, screamed and laughed. To their happiness, all their stuffs were there! By that time, all our guests had already hunted, around 40 boxes each. It was such a good round. With these numbers, you can imagine that if we had hunted in the morning, it would have been one of the best hunting days! 

 The following day, we woke up really early, right when doves were outing. It was the most frozen day I have ever seen in my life! The guests had to wear two pairs of gloves! A young lady was hunting; she was around 3 boxes, but she was freezing and decided to stop for a while.

 We had to go sit in the sun for a while because otherwise, it was unbearable. After a while, they went on hunting. They spent an hour and a half, and shot around 35 boxes! Such a great performance!

We went back to the camping site to have lunch, and afterward, they wanted to take a nap. I told them it was not possible because doves were going to be out soon again  They didn’t regret missing siesta time because it was full of doves. Doves everywhere! Crawford hunted more than a thousand doves, so he got to enter the 1000-dove club!  

 On their last day, the plan was to relax in the lodge and enjoy the beautiful countryside view, but the original plan changed! They didn't want to miss the last chance of amazing dove hunting in Cordoba! So we picked them up and drove to the field just in time for the doves first flight. We had so much fun that morning! 

Back to the lodge, at around 12 p.m., they packed and we left for the airport. A few minutes later, Paola, the lodge manager, called us because one of the guests had forgotten his computer! I called a taxi to pick it up and handed it over in the airport. Once there, and with everything ready, the grandpa had some troubles with his check-in. His luggage was too heavy, and he had to divide it into two suitcases.

After all, in spite of so many luggage problems and freezing days, the group had an amazing stay and we enjoyed hosting them so much despite some setbacks! We really hope they come back soon!


Then, it was time for some fun Duck Hunting in Buenos Aires! Stay tuned!


You should be the next one!


Mariano Taboada

Field guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina 


Edited by Julieta Romero Diaz

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