Family Hunt

The tradition of hunting is a perfect activity for families to spend some time together since it can involve anyone. All you need is some open space and willing family members. Family tradition can help develop unique lifelong skills that every member of the famiyl will appreciate forever. Life will get in the way unless we fight back and carve out some time for tradition. Don’t wait any longer.

Ronald, an astounding gentleman came with his sons and his grandsons. Scotty, Ty, Jarett, Cliff, Jarrod, Todd, Eddie, Earl, Jason, and Thomas arrive on May 27th ready to spend a few days and quality time with us. 

They hunted for 3 and a half days in the low lands of Jesús María. They enjoyed lunches at the field, where the main star was the traditional Argentine asado. Asado es the most popular social gathering in our country, and no weekend is truly complete without it. Usually done on Sundays, it’s a celebration of delicious meat cuts, filled with chimichurri, salsa criolla and good times, all doused with a glass of Malbec and Fernet. 

Though some of them were very young, they were all experienced hunters. And they were on a roll! Ronald did 1000 doves and their second day, as well as his grandsons, Thomas and Eddie.

They stayed at Agua Las Piedras lodge, which is a beautiful ranch located in Totoral, in Córdoba province.

And you, would you like to be the next one?

Federico Silva

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina


"Pointer Outfitters has been incredible! The food is unbelievable, for lunch and dinner. The hunts are insane! I got a 1000 doves today, it was amazing! Everyone at the stuff is amazing, friendly, helpful. The lodge is amazing… The entire experience has been unbelievable, I’ll definitely come back!" - Ronald.

"I’m Ed, and we’re here with Pointer Outfitters in Argentina having a great time! Lots of Dove, more doves than you’ll ever see anywhere else in your life. The doves are great, people are great, the management is great, the food is solid. My son, my 21-year-old son, is very excited! He shot 1000 doves today, so we’re looking forward to coming back!" - Ed.

Edited by Agustina Ortubia



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