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Rocking a Family Hunt II

After a nice stay in La Loma lodge, it was time to hunt ducks in Las Rosas lodge. Let a new adventure begin!

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At the end of July, an awesome group of 8 hunters arrived to Las Rosas Lodge after some amazing time Dove Hunting in Cordoba!  They are Lane and Todd, Charles and Parker, William, Crawford, Oliver, and Elizabeth. 

 The very morning of the first day, we took 3 pickup trucks. All the road full of mud made our trip so exciting! When we arrived to the lagoon, the sun was rising. Each hunter in his place, we let the hunting begin. There were hundreds of ducks!  After half an hour, some of the hunters had already made the limit, while others took some more time enjoying the hunting.   

Back at the lodge, they had some delicious appetizers. After a while, Carlos and his dogs were ready to hunt perdices with our guests. Some of them decided to go for a walk. It was freezing and windy, but nothing could stop them from enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Meanwhile, their partners were hunting 5 perdices!

Later they all had lunch together. Marcelo, our cook, had prepared an amazing meal. At 3 p.m. we were ready to hunt ducks. When we arrived to the lagoon, we posted. The afternoon was even more windy than the morning, but we could hunt anyways. It was a great hunting day!

The second day began with a 45-minute drive away from the lodge. After sunrise, a great hunting morning was waiting for us. We went back to the lodge so happy! And at around 3 in the afternoon, we went back to the fields to continue having fun! This time, we drove 35 minutes away with heavy rain above us. The rain and the wind complicated the hunting a bit so, we decided to change to a different blind which allowed us to hunt a lot more!

When we went back to the lodge, the chef was waiting for our friends with some appetizers: duck, jamón crudo (serrano ham), bondiola (another type of ham), and salame (salami) plus drinks to enjoy by the firepit.

On their third day, we went hunting with 5 of our guests. The other 3 prefered to rest and stay cozy in the lodge. We took a 10-minute trip to get to the lagoon. Because of the fog and the wind, it was a bit hard at the beginning, but we end up with a rewarding duck hunting day!

As always, the drive back to the lodge showed that everyone was very happy about the hunt and all the fun they've had hunting with us. After an appetizer, a good shower was delightful! We served a hearty lunch and drove our dear friends to the airport. It was such an amazing group, so nice people! I hope they visit us again so we can have another incredible experience! 


And you... what are you waiting to start planning your next hunting adventure? Combining Doves + Perdiz + Ducks is a trip of a lifetime!

You should be the next one!



Gabriel Moyano

Field guide 

Pointer Outfitters Argentina


Edited by Julieta Romero Diaz




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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