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Unparalleled Hunting

January can provide some of the best, and certainly hottest, for wingshooters who take advantage of what can be the most enjoyable, challenging and productive dove hunting of the year.

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Father, son and family friend, Wendell, Morgan and Chad enjoyed four full days of hunting during their first time in Argentina. They are crazy about hunting and yet they’ve never seen so many doves! We drove them to the highlands, where they shot more than 500 birds each and, according to them, it was the record of a lifetime!

The three of them had such a great time at the field that they decided to skip a wine tour they had arranged with Cici, from the Travel & Leisure department, to spend one more day at the field. They wanted to keep on hunting since they couldn’t believe the amount of doves there was!

Eric, Jason, Kenneth and Michael arrived a day earlier to Cordoba and spent their first night at Sheraton Hotel. Our hunting days start quite early in the morning,replicas relojes so we picked them up after breakfast and took them straight to the field for some morning hunt. 

It was also their first time at our country and they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the flock of doves up in the sky.

On that first morning, I taught Jason how to hold the shotgun and after I explained to him how to lead or aim ahead to hit the bird, he began shooting amazingly, proving you don’t need to be an expert hunter to come hunt with us! 

Later that day, they had lunch at the field. Nacho cooked our traditional asado for them and they loved it. They were also crazy about chimichurri, so we gave them some to take back to the States!

The following morning, we took Ken and Eric to another field, near a windmill, to shoot. There was an unbelievable amount of doves and they ended up shooting 1000 birds each. The were ecstatic!

Jason and Mitch also shot 1000 doves and they truly enjoyed themselves at the field. They played music, danced and overall had a great time with the birds boys.

Even the rain on Saturday didn’t stop them from doing some more hunting. 

Rain doesn’t affect doves as long as it is a light rain. If there is a thunderstorm, doves don’t fly and we usually decide to stay at the lodge and wait for the rain to calm down. 

It rained all day, but it still allowed us to go hunting. Rain and all, it was a good day of wingshooting!

During those days, we were also joined by a third group of guests: Ken, Ben, Cameron and Michele. 

Cameron was an avid hunter, who told us a bit about his experience in Scotland hunting pheasants during the October - February season. He emphasized though that this trip was top notch and that he’s already planning to come back to do some mixed bag.

Michele shot 500 doves while Cameron shot 1000 doves each day,replicas de relojes and I can tell that he was aiming to keep that record!

Ken and Ben also shot 1000 doves becoming immediately part of the 1000 Doves Club! They were thrilled and they didn’t want to go, so they’re already planning another hunting trip!


And you… would you like to be the next one?


Martin Andrada


Head Guide


Pointer Outfitters




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