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Lots of Fun and Birds Everywhere

Let me introduce you to our first guests of this month. They are Bruce, Steve, Blake, and Andrew. And there’s no way we forget about John, Jim, Donnie, Martin, Wyatt, Charles and Joshua, the second group that visited us.

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We had such an amazing time with them and hope to see all of them again soon!

Bruce’s group arrived on the 7th around noon. We gave them cold beverages as soon as they got off the plane, so they weren't parched. Then, I drove them directly to the field for the afternoon shooting session after a delicious lunch! This group was exhausted from the flight so there was little hunting done on the first day. They were so tired that even Bruce fell asleep on the drive to the lodge! Poor guy!!

All they desired was to relax and have some drinks, so I drove them to Agua las Piedras Lodge where freshly made cocktails were waiting for them. Agua las Piedras Lodge is a traditional Argentinian Estancia that combines both comfort and sophisticated accommodations with the breathtaking sights of the countryside.

John’s group, on the other hand, arrived at our country a few days earlier; so Cici, our Travel and Leisure representative, helped our guests make arrangements for their stay in Cordoba City. Everyone was eager to see more of our beautiful country and all it has to offer. And it was our pleasure to help them make this experience a trip of a lifetime! Then, on the morning of the 7th, we picked John’s group from their hotel and drove them to the field, where tons of fun was waiting for them! 

On their second day here, I picked everyone up and drove to the Feedlots around General Paz. Despite the weather not being on our side because of some drizzle, hunting was still possible. There’s no way we would let it ruin our plans!  We had some lunch at the field, and the menu was grilled fish tacos and our irresistible asado followed by some homemade tiramisu. Honestly, everyone took their hats off to our cooks! 

There, we did some pigeon shooting, and our guests were all impressed about the amount of birds. In fact, the 'Sierraarea and the flatlands are the most wanted places to hunt for this species since pigeon population here, surpasses the 50 million mark. This means non-stop shooting, and that tons of pigeons are waiting for you too! What is more, they enjoyed this hunting experience so much that they asked if we could go to the same field again and double the fun on the third hunting day. 

As a matter of fact, this was Charles' first time hunting but we were very impressed to find out that he is quick on the uptake. And it was this group’s first time in Argentina too, we are positive this one was a trip for the record books!

And the cherry on top was that our guests decided to try Flyfishing for the first time! That’s why on the 12th we went to Quebrada del Condorito, a gorgeous area in Las Sierras where one can fish rainbow and fontinalis trout. So I picked both groups from the lodge very early in the morning and we arrived at the riverside by 10 am. Once there, Gerardo y Martin – our experienced fishing guides – coached everyone. Waders on and we started the fishing game! Flyfishing is such a thrill that anyone who tries it, is forever hooked (pun intended!). 

All in all, everyone had a ball! And that’s what we’re all about, for our guests to have a wonderful, memorable trip.


Truly, it was our pleasure to get to know all of them!


You should be the next! 



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