It is Mixed Bag Season

May is a promising month, because it marks the beginning of mixed bag season! A good mixed bag comprises mostly Argentinian dove, duck and perdiz hunting, and pigeon hunting and Dorado fishing.

We received our first guests for mixed bag season on May 19th. They got at Sauce Viejo airport, where we were waiting for them, around noon. Mike, Terry and Nathan where all on the same flight, except for Grady whose flight was rescheduled to land in Rosario instead.

We took our first three guests to the cabin, while David drove to Rosario to meet with Grady.

At the cabin they met Nacho, and relaxed til Grady’s arrival. Then, the hunting began. On their first afternoon, they did duck. There is a limit of ducks per day, per hunters, so once the limit was completed, we returned to the cabin for dinner and to get some rest.

On the morning of the following day, they went hunting for perdiz. It was funny because, in order to get to the perdices, they had to walk a lot and, to be honest, none of them were thrilled about it! After having walked for hours, they wanted nothing to do with perdiz! 

For that reason, we changed plans for that same afternoon and they went dove shooting instead.

On the morning of the third day, they woke up early in the morning to do duck hunting again. After lunch at the cabin, they went Dorado fishing with Mike, Terry and Nathan. They were not used to fishing, but they fished one Dorado each, which was fantastic! 

Grady, instead, decided to hunt doves. He shot 32 shell boxes! It was a great afternoon for all of them!

On the morning of their fourth day, after breakfast, they were ready to hunt some more ducks. At 9 am, they were back at the cabin. Some decided to have some rest, while the rest decided to freshen up a bit with some fernet. They loved fernet! 

Before lunch, they went fishing again. They came back for lunch at the cabin, and that same afternoon, they went to duck hunting again. This was supposed to be their last hunt, but they were so happy with the amount of birds and the service we provide, that they asked to go hunting one more day, even it was just for a couple hours. 

As a result, on their last day they woke up at dawn because they had to be ready at 8am to catch their plane! It was crazy!

It was a fantastic group! Mike was the leader, the heart of the group. He was always in such a good mood and always willing to make everybody laugh. 

Terry was quite shy at the beginning, but at the end he loosened up and was as great as Mike. 

Grady came off as sophisticated, but at the end of their trip he was so grateful and pleased for everything we did for him and for the group.

Nathan was the youngest one. He celebrated his 24th birthday here with us, and he was euphoric!!  

It is always a pleasure to work with people who are as passionate as we are, and we couldn’t be grateful enough!

And you, would you like to be the next one?

Federico Silva

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina

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