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Doves Out Of This World

At the very start of February, I met Greg who came with his nephew Connor and a close friend with his son: Tony and Dean. They were the first of the month to arrive for a memorable hunting experience with Pointer Outfitters.

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The other group was Dustin and 2 of his closest friends, James and Jayce. Both groups arrived on the 9th very early in the morning and stayed in La Loma Lodge. 

I picked Greg's group at the airport and, unfortunately, the weather was not ideal and we were delayed because of the rain. The group was a bit sleepy so I drove them to Jesus Maria to have some coffee and rest a bit. Then, we went to the amazing La Loma Lodge, a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 that perfectly blends the charm of "old-world" Argentina with contemporary luxury; so our guests were delighted to be in a quiet, comfortable and cozy place! 

While in the lodge, we served them a hearty breakfast and a traditional argentine lunch. But, what happened with the shooting session? Well, since we are all about flexibility, we changed the hunting plan on the go so our guests could have an amazing experience despite the weather-related setback. I took the group to a different field, near the roosting area, for a shooting session until 5 pm.

Dustin's group was picked up by Federico Gervasoni, a company representative designated for the day, who was able to drive them directly to the lodge since their flight arrived much earlier in the morning. Once in La Loma Lodge they had breakfast and around 9.30 in the morning they started the hunting session up until noon. But since the weather wasn't fitting, lunch in the field was a no-go (wasn’t possible), so instead we went to a traditional restaurant to eat some delicious argentinian BBQ, asado plus some Malbec wine. And just like that, it was time to go back to the fields for a great afternoon dove shooting session. When we returned to the Lodge, cocktails and more exquisite food was waiting for our guests.

Although the rain was a mishap, there's no way we will let it ruin the fun! So I took both groups on their second day in Cordoba to La Para, a gorgeous town near the Lodge. Once there, they reached the 1000 birds mark; Dean was the first one! Tony was very excited to see his son having such an amazing time. 

Luckily, weather was quite better the following days so everything went according to schedule! Both groups were able to have great shooting sessions at the field, followed by our customary asado by the campsite made up by some pork, chicken, beef, sausages, tenderloin with some Malbec wine.  

For Greg, this was his second time in Argentina, yet he was surprised about the assistance our staff offers. But all of them agreed on what an amazing, memorable trip and the cherry on top of the cake: top notch service! All in all, despite the weather hindrance, everyone had a blast! 

We hope to see you guys around in the near future. Million of birds are here waiting for you.

You should be the next one!




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