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Fun Day at the Field

On the 22nd of February, we picked our guests David, Ray, Derek and Frederick from their hotel in Cordoba City and went straight to the hills for a morning shooting session. Then, lunch at the field and siesta in the hammocks!

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In the afternoon we went to pick up Micah, Shane, James and Drew at the airport. But unfortunately, Micah's flight was delayed so he couldn't join us in the afternoon session, but his friends did! I drove them directly to the hills, where David and his friends were already hunting so both groups could have the same amazing experience.  

Then we drove our guests to La Loma Lodge for cocktails. La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908, great for groups of friends or family since the atmosphere is very intimate, cozy, quiet and comfortable. 

Whenever our guests were at the lodge, after a long and fun dove shooting session, we served them Campari cocktails by their request since it's a pretty refreshing drink and the weather was extremely hot these days! And at the field, the favorite menu was our most typical meal: some exquisite asado with grilled vegetables. Argentinian BBQ (Asado) is truly a ritual for Argentinians, involving tons of meat, various types of salad, great wine and beer. A genuine feast for your taste buds and your eyes as well. 

On their first night, Shane, James and Drew were pumped from the first hunt, so Micah got excited really quickly just by hearing what they were describing! Consequently, on the next day, Micah's goal was to reach the 1000 dove mark first. And then... SURPRISE! He did by 5 pm! What a gratifying feeling, having the 1000 dove club t-shirt as a souvenir of such an astonishing trip!

On the other hand, David and his friends wanted to enjoy the trip and to seize their time together and since they weren't experienced shooters our field staff helped a lot and taught them how to improve their aim. And luckily, our guest also became good friends with Micah's group, so it is fair to say that all a blast!

What is more, all of our guests became good friends with our field staff and on their last day in Argentina, they left a present to each field assistant. Everyone was really grateful for the service we provide. We are really happy they had tons of fun!

Hunting truly is our life and we love what we do. We are extremely passionate about Argentina, its fields and everything it has to offer... Guaranteed you'll have a wonderful time down here! 


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