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You Cannot Beat Pointer Outfitters

We are always excited to host groups of friends and family because we are positive they’ll have a fantastic time hunting in Cordoba. Plenty doves, great camaraderie, and tons of fun and laughter are what made this hunting trip the experience of a lifetime.

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On April 5th we had the pleasure of hosting this big group of friends and family that became good friends with us. Let me introduce them to you as well; they are David, Matt, Cham, Allen, Ryan, Luke Jr. and Luke Sr., Adam, Charles, Michael, Stephen, and Joseph. We hope to see them again in the future!


We picked some of our guests in Cordoba city on the morning of the 5th and drove them directly to an amazing field near Jesus Maria. We divided into groups of 2 to start the shooting session which turned out great! Then at noon, we got to meet the rest of the group who had just arrived at the field and just in time for some scrumptious asado! And since everyone was exhausted from the shooting session and traveling, they all enjoyed a long siesta in the hammock area. After that, it was time for the afternoon shooting session and return to Agua Las Piedras Lodge, where our hostess was waiting for them with cold drinks and delicious dinner. 


The second hunting day was in a grain field located on the east side of Totoral City. We split up as soon as we arrived very early in the morning, but then, about half an hour into the hunt, I thought the shooting was going to stop on account of the rain that started pouring, but everyone kept going. The rain only made the hunt more of a challenge, but our guests were so excited about the number of birds they found, there was no way they would let the opportunity pass! To put it in Adam's words: "Tons of birds, more birds than I've ever seen in Argentina before. And I'll tell you what, it could not be a more fun hunt anywhere else in the entire world! This was fantastic!"

Later that day, while having lunch in the field, they were all discussing joining the 1000 dove club over lots of great chilled beers. The afternoon session was cut a bit short because everyone wanted to return early to the lodge and unwind. That was the plan until it was time for the group picture and they saw the number of doves they got! They weren’t so far from reaching the 1000 doves, so naturally, our guests wanted to hunt some more but chose to stick to the original plan.

We drove everyone to Agua Las Piedras where Luke Sr and Luke Jr. were waiting for them. On that day, they decided to go to the golf course and spend some time relaxing. Needless to say, they had a wonderful time! No one else was golfing on that day, so they had the course to themselves. After playing an 18-hole round, they got to spend some time enjoying the breathtaking sights of the countryside at the lodge. At dinner in the lodge, everyone talked about making sure they reached the 1000 dove mark the next day. 


On their third day in Cordoba, we had a surprise in store for our guests: we took them to a field where they got to hunt plenty of pigeons which is a bigger type of bird that's abundant in Cordoba as well; so everyone had a blast! But unfortunately, rain was still consistently falling so joining the 1000 dove club was a bit more difficult, but not impossible!

Opposite to what was expected, the shooting session was superb that day! Six of our guests reached their goal and we cut short the afternoon session to enjoy the fire in the lodge. Once we got to Agua Las Piedras, one more surprise was waiting for our guests: six 1000 Dove Club complimentary T-shirts! Our buddy Cham told us that Cordoba's the most incredible place he's ever been and thanked us for providing top-notch service: "You cannot beat Pointer Outfitters!". The total count for this group was more than 10.000 doves! Everyone was celebrating and very proud of each other, and so were we!


And on their very last day in Cordoba, our field assistants brought some colorful, fun wigs to celebrate our guests and make their last shooting session an even more memorable one! We all had plenty laughs to last us till next time and everyone thanked Pointer for the great hunting experience. We said goodbye to our dear friends hoping to see them again in the near future! 


You can also be part of the great hunting experience Pointer Outfitters offers…


So, what are you waiting for?


You should be the next one!



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