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Birds Were Out Of Control

To come down Argentina to do some of the best wingshooting you can imagine doesn't necessarily mean you get to see only birds. Cordoba is a beautiful city with amazing sites to visit.

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On the morning of April 7th, we received our guests Ed, Brandon, Chad, Jonathan, Keith and Allen, six friends who all that wanted was to have a great time together.

Since they got here at 6 am, they preferred to go first at the Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort, where they stayed during their hunting here, to freshen up and have some breakfast before parting to the field for some morning hunt.

During their first day here, they hunted in the low lands of Jesus Maria where they got caught by the rain at around 10 in the morning, but luckily it stopped raining and they continue hunting until noon.

As it was cloudy and we weren't sure if ti was going to keep raining, instead of having our traditional lunch at the field, we took them to a local restaurant to have lunch. They ate some of the most popular beef cuts of the Argentinian asado:  fillet, sausage and pork ribs, and matambre. They were enjoying some sobremesa time, chatting and socializing a bit more, until they discovered the restaurant had a pool table. They teamed up, them vs the field assistants, and had some fun playing pool before going back to the field.

They hunted during the four days of their stay. The weather allowed for a great amount of doves so we decided to take them to different fields on the same area. Even though there were a lot of birds, they weren’t so focused on the hunt. They came here decided to have a great time together as friends.

On their last two days, the weather was rather sunny and hot and they didn’t enjoy it so much, so Keith, Jonathan, and Chad decided to stay at the resort instead and relax.

They spent their last day in Cordoba City. They left early in the morning to do some sightseeing with Vicky.

After leaving their bags at the hotel, they went to visit the Sacred Heart Church of the Capuchin Fathers, which is a beautiful church of Gothic architecture located in Nueva Cordoba neighborhood. They had lunch and went to see the Manzana Jesuitica (Jesuit Block).  The Manzana Jesuitica was a Jesuit settlement built by missionaries and which is considered a World Heritage Site since 2000. It contains the University of Cordoba, the Monserrat Secondary School, a church and a residence building. They also visited the Cathedral before doing some shopping at a local saddler and leather goods shop.

They bought some mates and other local stuff to take back home together with some great stories to tell.

And you, would you like to be the next one?


Fede Silva

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