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I Have Never Shot More Than I Have Today

Do you know that feeling when you get to see a very dear friend once again? Well, I missed Rell a great deal! But luckily he comes back every year and just in time to celebrate my birthday!! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

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Excellent shooting sessions, great friends, amazing food, tons of anecdotes, and all this to the beat of the awesome soundtrack our guests picked!

Every year, at the start of February, we are certain that we’ll see our very dear friend, Rell Tipton and two of his closest friends, Brad and Mark. To add to the fun, another group stayed at the same lodge: they are Dan and Philip. Fair to say that on this trip all of them made friends for a lifetime. Everyone chose to stay at La Loma Lodge, a gorgeous and relaxing typical Argentine Estancia. Of course, our guests loved the firepit, it was their favorite spot in the lodge. That’s why every night at the end of an amazing hunting day, we all sat by the fire and shared funny stories about the infamous high school years. We were rolling on the floor laughing and holding our sides! 

At the lodge, the most requested drink was Campari cocktails and at the field, as usual, great Argentinian Malbec wine plus traditional beer to complement our signature meal: asado. Traditionally, the cook in charge of the BBQ is called an 'asador' and anyone who has tasted this way of grilling meat can surely certify that the Argentine way is an authentic artisan preparation that will leave you wanting more. 

Regarding the hunt, I drove our guests to La Para area. This is one of our most requested fields for dove shooting because of the copious amounts of birds one can find. It is a bit further away than other fields, but I promise you it is worth the drive! Certainly, our guests enjoyed hunting plenty of doves to add to their shell count, as they said: they've never shot more than these days!

In addition to all the fun in La Para, on their third hunting day, I drove everyone to Las Sierras area, a fantastic field in the hills at about 40 yards of height. There, we found spectacular and challenging doves, just the kind our good friend Rell lives for, and so do we for that matter! Everyone loves a good challenge, wouldn’t you say so?

Then, on the last day of this trip, Rell wanted to show us a few songs that reminded him of his sophomore days. Naturally, everyone started feeling deeply touched and, to end a superb hunting experience, they all reminded stories from those days. We all got our fair share of funny memories! At least to last us till next time, since our guests are already locking dates to visit us again!

To wrap it up, as our guests said goodbye to our team, they expressed their gratitude for the great service; in fact, Dan told us we made him feel like a king and that’s because we are truly passionate about what we do. So, what are you waiting for to experience the royal treatment first-hand?


You should be the next! 



Martin Andrada 

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters





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