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Shooting Reports & News

Scouts Before Every Dove Hunt

We starts scanning a possible place with the binoculars, looking the area around from early in the morning to see where the dove comes out; if it changes the route or the departing directions. This is the first activity of the scout in the overnight areas. Then, around 9 am, we have to move to the feeding…

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Dove hunting Report - A New Day

I’ve just parked the truck at the door of the lodge, and being 7 in the morning, my phone says it’s time to start a new day. The outside temperature is very warm, we are expecting a maximum of 30° C, which is about 90° F and predicts a great day. All our guests already have their breakfast at the…

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Testimonial A. James Virginia (US)

It was nice to see you again Pablo, and thanks a lot for organizing all details regarding our family trip, especially all issues regarding the private plane, hehe. I was surprised by how good you guys are, you have been behind all details, checking correct speed in your driving, with all the rental gear,…

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Testimonial Damian S. (UK)

Plaza Real Lodge August 2013 "It is my first time dove shooting in Argentina, I love Cordoba and his people. It is imposible to explain the volume of birds"

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Testimonial Derek S. (UK)

Plaza Real Lodge 2013

“All we shoot in here is dove, pigeon, “periquito’’, if you see any, but they are very, very quick. There’s always one behind you, higher.”

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Duck Hunting Report August 2013

Our hunts take place along San Javier River, in the province of Santa Fé, where the Paraná Delta, the rice fields and the lakes come together, making of this an authentic paradise for more than twenty species of ducks that inhabit here or migrate to these wonderful lands of South America.

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Testimonial Alden J. (US)

We have been in Cordoba many times and we have also shot in some other parts of the country. We have to say thanks to Pablo and the guys for such a great trip.

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