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Shooting Reports & News

Another Day in Paradise

On the 12th of March we welcomed Everette, Thomas, Kevin, Matthew, Thomas and Justin. Juan, our driver and company representative picked them up and drove them straight to the field where they got into their hunting gear to start their first hunting session.

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Adventure Time

When our guests come at midday, we like to take them straigh to the field to join the fun as soon as posible. So we welcomed Jorday, Justin, Gerald and Robert at the airport. One of our drivers was waiting for them and our hunting guide was also waiting for them at the field.

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Fantastic Voyage

After dinner, I made my way to the airport. A bit after midnight a new group was arriving. The 10th of March, we welcomed Larry, Terry, Brandon and Jason. We took them straight to the hotel to have some hours of sleep before their first hunting session.

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Having the Time of Their Lives

La Loma Lodge has welcomed a new group of guests: Dennis, Todd, Donald, Chris and Gary. They have chosen a lodge with one of the best locations for wingshooting in the market. Just 50 miles from the airport and rides to the fields are very convenient.

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An Extra Special Hunting Trip

It is 7 am and we meet our guests for breakfast. We have a very special group this time. It’s a family trip! Jack, Alex, JP, Alexis, Trevor and Lei. They are absolutely passionate about hunting and this is another of their hunting trips to Argentina. However, it’s going to be extra special this time.…

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Eight Thousand Shells in Four Days

Mike Moore arrived at Cordoba Airport the last day of February. We picked him up at 10.40 am and we went straight to the field. He was visiting us from Canada and it was not Mike’s first time hunting in Argentina. He knew very well what to expect! He was anxious to start hunting here again.

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Shooting is Always a Good Idea

Before welcoming this group we had no idea how much fun we were going to have. The 23rd of February we picked up Heath, the first member of the group to arrive at the airport at 18.40. Our Company representative Federico picked him up and took him to La Loma Lodge.

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Nothing but Shooting and Quality Time

We usually get visits from groups of friends, colleagues, and families. This time we welcome a father and a son. Bus and Clay Fuller. They arrived late at night so they had to wait till the next day to start hunting. They stayed at La Loma Lodge.

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Good Friends and Amazing Shooting

On the 19th of February at 12,40 am we welcomed Brandon, Tylie, William and Ronnie. They were a group of friends who were coming to Argentina to have the time of their lives wingshooting in one of the best destinations for doing so. They stayed the night in Sheraton Hotel, in Cordoba city.

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This Trip will Blow your Mind

We welcomed David and Daniel on the 6th of March. We met them at the airport and we went straight to La Loma Lodge so that our guests could get into their hunting gear and be ready to hit the fields. The assistants and the chef were waiting for us to enjoy the amazing day we had ahead.

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Empty Shells and a Lot of Fun

The 11th of February at 6.40 am Cory McAdams, Frank Silvia (Jimbo) and Luke Anderson arrived at Cordoba airport. David, a representative from our team, was happily waiting for them ready to take them straight to the field.

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You Better Make a Video

James, Joseph and Joshua arrived on the 7th of February at 9 am in our Airport Ambrosio Taravella. We picked them up and went straight to the field to have the first hunting session. There was no time to waste!

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