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Shooting Reports & News

Las Rosas Duck Hunt

Las Rosas Lodge in Buenos Aires was all set waiting for Allan Skruby and James Slappey. The duck season is in full swing and we were anxious to take them to the field and to experience memorable hunts!

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The Best Dove Hunting in the World

This trip was a very special one for these guys. They had been dreaming about coming down to Argentina all together for a long while, and you know, sometimes life can get hectic and it is difficult to agree on a date in which all of the interested travelers can make it.

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It Sounded Like War in the Fields

David & Terry arrived at San Javier Lodge at 12am after being 2 days in Buenos Aires city. I showed them the Lodge and after a pleasant lunch they had a short rest before going on their first hunt, which it was at 16hs. Time arrived and we gave the guys a wader each.

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Many Many Many Birds

Wayne, Conrad, Parker and Steven visit us from Texas. Although most of our guests come from Texas, from time to time we get visitors from other parts of the USA and the world! We’re excited to welcome this group.

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It Is Raining Doves

As it usually happens, it was the first time for Stewart, Jimmy and Nathan in Argentina. And since they came through Buenos Aires, they stayed there for one day and there they visited stores and restaurants around Recoleta area.

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Welcome to the Hunting Cabin

William, Ronald, Lucas, Brad, and Andrew arrived at Parana Airport on the 22nd of June at 13.35 pm. Francisco and Federico were our company representatives in charge of greeting our guests and taking them to the lodge. This group was extra special for us because they were the first group to stay in our…

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Get Ready to Go Crazy

The weather had been acting up a bit on the day Jeremy Adkins and his group arrived, so one of the flights was delayed and the members of the group arrived at different times on the 30th of June. When they finally were together, they met at the field for a lavish lunch with the well famed Argentine beef.

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The Birds Were Outstanding

From the 17th to the 21st of June, three couples visited us and decided to combine the fun of bird hunting with the luxury of Estancia La Paz Lodge. As soon as they arrived, we drove them to the lodge to relax after such a long trip.

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Lots of Fun Lots of Birds

It was the 15th of June at 11.10 am when this group arrived at Cordoba. Sunny morning, we helped our guests with the luggage and welcomed them to Argentina. We told them we were going to drive them to the field, so that they could make the most of the day they had ahead.

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Walking on Water

We welcomed Thad, Mike and Russell in the airport of Parana City, Argentina. Francisco, our driver and company representative was waiting for them to drive them to the lodge where all Pointer Outfitters staff assigned for the Mixed Bag season were anxiously waiting to meet them.

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The Armanino Family

The Armanino family arrived to Argentina the 8th of June at midmorning. Matt, Andrew Joseph III, Dominic, Justin and Andrew Joseph were welcomed by Francisco Visintini, our company representative in charge. He drove them to San Javier Lodge where an early lunch prepared by our awesome chef was ready.

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Sharing the Wingshooting Passion

June is winter in Argentina so Cordoba seems like a good escape from the hot summer months from the USA. The mornings can be a bit chilly but then it warms up and our guest can enjoy beautiful days.

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