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Shooting Reports & News

Our Million Doves Shooters

Dustin and his very good friend Bryan arrived at Cordoba in the morning. I welcomed them in the airport, helped them with their luggage and told them that our fields were just 40 minutes away. There we were going to have a hearty lunch and then we were going to start hunting.

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One Two Three Shot Down

On the 14th of June we welcomed a group of three friends. It was very early in the morning but still, they just wanted to get to the field as soon as possible. They were anxious to savor the Argentine experience and didn’t want to stop by Plaza Real Lodge first. The first question while we were driving…

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As Many Shells As You Can Shoot

The first thing you will see when you arrive at Cordoba airport is your Field Guide and assistant waiting for you, with a wide grin. They will help you with your luggage, they will welcome you and then drive you to the lodge or field.

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Longtime Friends in Argentina

We welcomed this group at 8.30 am on the 22nd of June. Nice time to arrive, they had the entire day ahead of them. Fede and Gabriel were our drivers in charge to pick them up from the airport. Despite the tiredness from the long flight, they were very enthusiastic and happy.

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You Are Better Off in Argentina

From the hot, hot Texas weather comes a group of friends to enjoy a bit of cool and awesome bird hunting. It’s a big party. Brothers, cousins, friends…They have been waiting to come to Argentina and see what all this is about. The best wing shooting experience in the country!

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It is a Guys Trip

Winter has just started, the mornings can be a bit chilly but in the afternoons the sun warms up the day. Our friends from Louisiana are here; Dad Chris and his three sons Jake, Sam and Max. They have decided to come on a men’s trip. Mom Christine stayed at home!

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The Lastest News from Mixed Bag Land

It was 13:10pm when I first met Anthony, Darrell, Keith and Alan. They came from Houston and stayed one day & one night at Buenos Aires city before coming to Santa Fe for the Mixed Bag program. They told me they had a very nice city tour the day before: “Cici did an excellent job”, Anthony said.

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The Beginning of a Friendship

All the excitement about coming to Argentina starts months ahead planning the trip and it keeps growing and growing. You get to the airport, and you’re finally almost there. We pick you up, welcome you and take you straight to the field.

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Admirable Shooting Skills

Picture this: You and your wife are passionate hunters. You really love dove hunting and you’ve been hunting in different places around the world. Now add one of your friends and his wife in a plane to Argentina. Can it get any better?

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Great Hunting All Year Round

No sooner had we welcomed this group that we started feeling that we were going to have a blast! Their friendliness and good mood was contagious. As soon as we started our way to the lodge, our guests decided that they wanted to stop by the lodge to get into the hunting clothes and then go to the field.

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Doves in the Wild

Corey, Clay, Preston and Scott arrived to Cordoba at 4 pm. Instead of going straight to the field as we usually do, our friends decided it was better to recover from the long trip with some drinks. They were tired, but excited as well to be in Argentina for the first time.

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Exceptional Hunting Experience in Argentina

May is fall in the southern hemisphere. The mornings are a bit cold but you will not feel it, the volume of birds will be the only thing in the head of our guests. The sunsets paint picturesque scenes. Argentina will always be in the memories of this group.

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