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Shooting Reports & News

It is All About the Details

Last week, Pointer Outfitters welcomed some special guests: Mark and Logan from Huston and Halley from Luisiana. We are proud to say that they were positively surprised. If there’s something we really like, is to make our guests have the best time, the best experience.

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Gary is Back with his Friends

Gary Schuenman shot more than 1500 shells yesterday. He’s a great hunter and it’s his second time in Argentina. He got his 1000 birds in a day, so on the very first day, he got his One Thousand Birds Club Shirt. The weather has been really nice, with beautiful mornings that make us eager to leave…

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Shell Full of Feathers

Robert, Darren and James were one group arriving to hunt with Pointer Outfitters in October. The other group was Jim, Philip, George and Scott. They came in at the same time and we went to pick them up in our comfortable van, which can fit up to 12 people, so that our guests had a comfortable ride to…

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Thousand Birds and Sleeping on Trees

I got to spend the last days of October with two amazing groups. One group was Sterling and his dad Stuart; Joshua and Timothy. The other group, made up of two couples, Michelle, Alton, Micheal and Natalie. They arrived on the 28th, very early in the morning.

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Born to Hunt

Cordoba is the world capital for doves. Period. It doesn’t matter the time of year, there are no seasons. Or let’s better put it this way: the season is all year round.

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You Should Read This

It was Red, Brian and Kyle, John and Joshua’s first time in Argentina but not for Wayne, who has been here serveral times, and who has had the chance to experience the hunt in the north of the country (Doves in Cordoba) and the hunt of the south (Ducks in Buenos Aires).

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Laughing Their Heads Off

HI there, I’m Martin and I’ll be the hunting guide of John, Dana, Charles, Tom, Carl and Michael. It’s their first time in this paradise for dove hunting and just and hour and twenty minutes separate us from the airport and the fun that is about to start.

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Quality and Quantity Birds

Mike, Scott, Wilson and Julian arrived in August and while usually the groups stay and hunt for for full days, these guys only had two days and a half to enjoy the internationally acclaimed “Cordoba Dove”. So as soon as they got on the car when we picked them up at the airport, they started wondering…

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Once In a Lifetime Thing

Patrick, Shawn, Travis and Troy visited us from Texas. It was their first time in Argentina. All of them were passionate hunters. I got to meet them on their second day in Argentina and they were absolutely amazed by the volume of birds. But I would say that when our hunters come, they of course come…

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Oldie but Goodie

Joe, David, Chris and Mary came in August, one of my favorite months for wingshooting. Although there’s no season in Argentina when it comes to birds and the hunting is just AWESOME all year round, I like August. The birds are in the hilly area at this time of year and we have very well located fields…

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Brian the Mariachi

Brian the Mariachi! That’s how we decided to call the leader of this group, whose birthday was celebrated at the lodge with his six friends. The Mariachis came to give Brian a surprise on that special day. Drinks, music, dancing, laughing, I had the chance to share a great time with Brian, Kenny, Gary,…

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Girls Should Be The Next Ones

This trip started like “The Beginning of hunting vacations with friends!” These were Sarah’s words in her second day in Cordoba Argentina with Pointer Outfitters. This group was Sarah and her three friends Stacey, Candence, Sussan, and her friend Jimmy.

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