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Ace Shooters

A new group came and we are very happy to have them here with us. They arrived in mid-August and ready to have a the time of their lives!

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We picked Lance, Adam and Nick up at the airport and take them straight to the field. It was quite early in the morning of August 21st. It was a short morning hunt, but they managed to shoot a few boxes. They were off to a great start! For their first lunch at the field, we surprised them with the typical Argentina asado, which usually consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla which are cooked on a grill, called a parrilla, or an open fire.

In the afternoon, the hunt was equally as good!

On their second day, we headed to the highlands. It was a great morning to hunt. The weather was great, there were thousands of doves and both Nick and Adam joined the 1000 Doves Club! The three of them were excellent shooters.

As they were staying at La Loma lodgebeautiful traditional estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina, a driver was arranged to pick them up at 9:30 in the morning and 30 minutes later they were at Pueblo Estancia La Paz golf course, a beautiful and new course situated at Jesús María city, just a few miles from where the guys were hunting.

Pueblo Estancia La Paz is a traditional Argentinian estancia of more the 1200 acres, owned once by Julio Argentina Roca, president of Argentina in the 19th century. The estancia includes dwellings, polo fields, stables, football pitches, tennis courts, fishing lakes and, of course, a golf course.

Lance, Nick and Adam met with Juan at 10 am. They were all anxious for a great sunny and funny day at one of the nicest golf course in the country! 

It was a great day for them as well as for Juan. They had an incredible match play, together with cold beers and great country music, coming from Nick’s phone.

Lance and Adam won the match and the driver took them back to the lodge by 6:00 pm, to get some rest before the next day hunt.

On their last day, they decided to enjoy the hunt and have fun with their field assistants. This time, all three shot 1000 doves! It was a wonderful day, and they were thankful for the food at the camp, and the service of everyone at the field.

 And you, would you like to be the next one?

Franciso Visintini – Field Guide

Juan Aguiló – Lodge Manager & Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina





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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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