The Most Luxury Dove Hunting Lodge in Cordoba Designed by Jack Nicklaus.


Since the nineteenth century, Estancia La Paz looms large in Argentina’s history, as it was the place chosen by the President Julio A. Roca to spend his days off. Through this legacy, Pueblo Estancia La Paz, became a unique development that combines history, nature, and style.

Nestled in the heart of the Sierras Chicas in Cordoba, Argentina, Pueblo Estancia La Paz is conceived as the best urban accommodations available, featuring comfort and services offered by luxury hotels.

This beautiful Estancia rests on 501 hectares, of which 268 are parks and nature reserves, and the remaining 232 devoted to a Residential Area.



General Information

Pueblo Estancia La Paz is located north at the Province of Cordoba, 14km from Jesus Maria and 60km from the city of Cordoba, in a privileged foothill due to its climate and geographical conditions and for its tranquility. To get there, you can choose to go either by the National Route 9, or the Provincial Route E53.

The Hotel at Pueblo Estancia La Paz, will offer 10 rooms nestled in the heart of the historic park designed by the architect Charles Thays.

Rich in history, as it was the summer residence of a President of the Nation, the place will provide its guests, the thrill of enjoying a unique landscape and bedrooms overlooking the lake on the park, the golf course and the hills.

The old quarter will only house the “Roca Suite”; this has been subject of an elaborate and delicate restoration, preserving its architecture and original distribution.

Villa Clara, the former women’s indoor pool, whose name commemorates Julio A. Roca’s wife, Clara Funes, will house 3 bedrooms. Among them, is the “Bridal Suite”, haven of relaxation, equipped with spacious and comfortable rooms, spacious bathroom and private veranda with panoramic golf course view and the fruit mount.

The rest of the bedrooms will be located in the old “Ranchon” and will offer a warm atmosphere and modern functionality, making the Boutique Hotel at Pueblo Estancia La Paz, a one and only place.

We are currently restoring the old quarter and remodeling the bedrooms, paying attention to every detail to provide our future guests and unforgettable experience during their stay.


At Pointer Outfitters we believe that your experience at the lodge is just as important as your experience hunting or fishing.  Our team goes to great lengths when you are with us to ensure you have the best vacation possible.

Our Lodges are primarily Argentine Estancias built by the Cattle Barons of the Early 20th Century.  They were built with luxury and relaxation as the main goal.  

After an exciting day in the field or on the water, you will be met by our staff and treated as if you were the Cattle Baron of yesteryear.  Cold drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a relaxing fire allow you to unwind from the glorious day afield and once you are thoroughly relaxed you will be called to the table and served a meal prepared by some of the finest chefs in Argentina.

Many of our clients say that the hunting and fishing bring them to Argentina but that our lodges and staff bring them back to Pointer Outfitters.



The old quarter and its fantastic exotic park was designed by the french landscaper Charles Thays in 1901.

An event space with a capacity of up to 420 people providing views of Thays Park and a nearby lake.

Restaurant and Tea House “La Paz Polo Club”.

Boutique Hotel with 10 bedrooms, Spa, and Business Center. 

An 18-hole Golf Course, par72 (7,300 yards), designed and built by Bunge Golf.

A 4 hectares Practice Area, with Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Green, and a putting area. 

Golf Club House. 

Two Polo fields and a third paddock field for practice. 

An Equestrian and Stables area, with a horse handling track, and grazing land. 

Grass and clay Tennis courts.

Equestrian paths, crossing 8 km down the river, lakes and 40 hectares of nature reserves.

Fruit orchard, vegetable garden, and greenhouse for the reproduction of native species.


Living in harmony with nature but with all the amenities of modern life, Estancia La Paz provides the following services:

IP telephone, cable, and internet.

Differentiated waste collection and environmentally friendly waste treatment.

Independent networks for irrigation water.

Monitoring service at the entrance and perimeter.

Housekeeping service, maintenance of gardens, and pool services.

Care and maintenance of horses in stables and corrals.



Enjoy our gourmet and traditional cuisine every night after your shooting day; our professional chef will delight you with amazing Argentine and international dishes. We will have a special appetizer to go along with your drinks before dinner every day. You have to experience our special goat or lamb “a la cruz”;it is a local and well known delicatessen. Normally it takes more than three hours on the fire, to get it tender and amazingly tasty.


La Paz Polo Club, Restaurant & Tea House, is the current dining service offered by Pueblo Estancia La Paz. In an informal atmosphere, preserving the countryside spirit and sportsmanship of Polo, its menu distinguishes itself by offering dishes from the traditional Argentine cuisine –red meat, lamb, goat, trout and pastas- being always respectful for the typical flavors of the region.

The ambience of the room cares for even the smallest details in the choice of materials, genres, and crockery. The result is a warm, rustic place, with a roaring fireplace during the months of autumn and winter.

A suggested Menu that accentuates de creole dye, a wine offer meant to accompany each of the dishes, and a handmade pastry with sweet and salad snacks for tea time, make of La Paz Polo Club the ideal place to share unique moments immersed in the landscape of Cordoba hills.



The Fields

In the North of Córdoba, from Estancia La Paz, we will shoot in the hills 50% of the time. This is a dry area with rocks and rolling hills. It is packed with waist-high thorny bushes that make the terrain tough, but not impossible, to maneuver through. The remaining 50% of the time we shoot in the flatlands. The terrain in the flatlands consists of farm fields with crops or low cut grass.

The birds normally leave the roosting area during the first light of the day. They fly average 40 to 60 miles for food. The fields shooting options, depending time of the year, are: 

Shooting the flyways: This is a point in between roosting area and feeding field. 

The fields: harvest crops, like soy bean, corn, or sorghum (specially march to may). 

Feed lots: Birds concentrate for crops in big feed lots, and are great shooting options some times of the year (March to July). 

Water holes: Especially in summer time are great shooting options (October to april). 

Roosting areas: when the birds leave the main roosting area and stay in momentary roosting fields, we have the option to shoot them there without affecting their main roosting place. During the hatching time you will see them flying both directions.


The Hunting

Our dove shooting program starts early in the morning with a complete breakfast, which provides fruit, cereal, toast, coffee, and eggs prepared according to your preferences. Your guide/host will arrive for breakfast and will talk to you about the hunting location, the guns, and the shells that will be used in the field that day.  He will also give a safety speech on the first day of your hunt and will assist you in acquiring any/all accessories you could need. Around 8:00 am – 8:30 am, you will depart with your group to the field. Depending on location, it can be anywhere from a twenty minute to a forty minute car ride.

At your arrival, the field staff will be ready to take you immediately to your shooting blind. It will be an estimated three hours of shooting before lunch time. The head guide will be available to assist and coach you if you so desire. Each guide is an experienced and qualified shot. They will be able to provide you with special coaching and tips to improve your accuracy. 

At our daily location, we will set up a tent and prepare the famous Argentinean barbecue. You will immensely enjoy the cuts of meat prepared, accompanied by our well known Malbec wines. After a great meal, depending on the time of the year, we will set hammocks to relax before afternoon hunt begins. In the evening, when everybody has finished shooting, we will return to the lodge for appetizers and drinks.

The personal field assistants are in their thirties and most of them have been working in the field for many years; this becomes apparent when you see them shooting. They work hard every day preparing your blind, carrying shells, shotguns, drinks, and stools to your spot. They are also responsible for cleaning the field and picking up all shells expended.

*Schedules can change depending on the time of year.


Gear and Equipment

Shooting Clothes – Hunting shirts which are shades of green and brown are recommended. Camouflage clothing is optional. The weather is typically cool in the morning and evening, so packing a light sweater or jacket wouldn’t hurt. Hopefully the weather will be exceptional while you’re here, however it rains quite often so bringing a rain jacket is a necessity.

Ankle High Boots/Shoes – Lightweight, ankle-high boots/shoes work exceptionally well. A Gore-Tex breathing shoe, like the Rocky Boot, would be an excellent choice. There are quite a few thorny plants where you will be hunting. Keep this in mind when deciding on what footwear to bring. 
Safety Glasses – Your glasses should serve a dual purpose; protection from the sun and any debris that might fall from above. The green or yellow protective glasses that can be worn over regular glasses are optimal. They have a small side panel which protects against glare. You will be able to find them in most hunting/fishing supply stores.

Ear Protection - This is perhaps the most important item on this list. The average hunter shooting dove here will shoot their gun anywhere from 500 – 3000 times a day. There are numerous varieties of ear protection on the market. You should look for comfort, fit, and sound deafening components.
Lightweight Hat – A personalized hunting cap will be provided although we also recommend bringing a wide brimmed hat for better protection. 
Shooting Gloves – the volume of shooting is immense. You will need to protect your hands from the hot shotgun barrels, as well as any brush traversed through. Having gloves will also reduce the likelihood of nicks and blisters from reloading, breaking your gun(s) and activating safeties. Golf or batting gloves are a good substitute if you cannot find quality, sensitive leather shooting gloves.

Shoulder Pad – We highly recommend the Caldwell Field Shield. It is ambidextrous for ease of use for all shooters. 1/4-Inch thick energy-absorbing pad provides excellent protection for all shotguns.
Small Field Bag – A small bag/backpack would be a good idea if you desire to bring any personal items to the field. A camera for example. 
Insect Repellant/Sunscreen – During our spring and summer season (September to March), bug repellant will keep those bothersome pests from driving you crazy. Sunscreen is a necessity. Our blinds are set up daily, depending on where the birds are flying. So you might be in the sun or in the shade. 
Camera - The area you will be hunting is exceptionally beautiful. We also offer a private service by a professional photographer. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 
Evening Dress- Clothing is casual. Slacks and sport shirts are all you need.
Band-Aids/Tape/Medicinal cream - We have first aid kits in the field in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to bring your own personal medical supplies however. Antihistamine cream for bug bites, Neosporin for cuts, etc. 
Shooting Clothes – Hunting shirts which are shades of green and brown are recommended. Camouflage clothing is optional. The weather is typically cool in the morning and evening, so packing a light sweater or jacket wouldn’t hurt. Hopefully the weather will be exceptional while you’re here, however it rains quite often so bringing a rain jacket is a necessity.

In case you need a little help, click here find all these hunting supplies.


Travelling Here

Final destination for this hunting option is Cordoba City (Pajas Blancas Airport )

The best connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru) or Panama City (Panama).


Ministro Pistarini Airport (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Right now, 31 airlines operate out of Ministro Pistarini Airport in Buenos Aires.

Ministro Pistarini Airport offers nonstop flights to 51 cities.

Every week, at least 126 domestic flights and 833 international flights depart from Ministro Pistarini Airport.

Important airlines to be consider for international flights:

American Airlines


United Airlines

Copa Airlines

Latam Airlines

Aerolineas Argentinas


British Airways

Pajas Blancas Airport (Cordoba, Argentina)

Right now, 9 airlines operate out of Pajas Blancas Airport.

Pajas Blancas Airport offers nonstop flights to 14 cities.

Every week, at least 273 domestic flights and 56 international flights depart from Pajas Blancas Airport.

The biggest airlines flying from Buenos Aires to Cordoba:

Aerolineas Argentinas 

LATAM Airlines  

When connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina) you arrive to Ministro Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza and have to change airport to Aeroparque. It is a 40 minutes drive in between airports and up to 80 minutes in rush hours. We will organize your ground transportation in Buenos Aires to make it hassle free.- There are great connections to Buenos Aires from Miami, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta.

When connections are through Santiago (Chile) the connection will be at the same airport. The positive thing about Santiago is that you can sleep all night without a connection. The negative issue is that if you get delay there is only 1 or 2 flights a day to Cordoba.

Hen connections are through Lima (Peru) and Panama city (Panama) you will have to make connections in the evening and you will be arriving early in the morning and departure will be after midnight. It is positive that there are good rates on these flights.

Consider also private charters from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. We will be pleased to send you further info and budgets.

From Cordoba airport to The Lodge is 40 minutes drive.


Aerolineas Argentinas: 1 800 333 0276

Allowed Baggage: 1 piece of 15 kg (extra weight between 16 and 23 kg will cost about $20), 1 carry on of 5kg. An extra piece of 23kg will cost about $30

LATAM Airlines: 1 866 435 9526

Allowed Baggage:  1 piece of 23 kg , 1 carry on of 8k. An extra piece of 23 kg will cost about $40

Gun Rental

Most of our guns are semi-automatic Benelli  Montefeltro 20 gauge and Beretta Urika 391 20 gauge. 

We have Benelli Montefeltro, Benelli M1 Black, Beretta Urika 391, Beretta A400 and Beretta A300. 

We have Beretta silver pigeons 20 Gauge over and under. We also have a couple of Beretta silver pigeons 28 Gauge over and under and a couple of Browning 525 410 gauge for rental. Check for rental pricing on this guns.

They are all use guns like in all companies, because the big volume of shooting in Cordoba. That is why for a better service to our guest, our policy is to work with 2 shotguns per person per blind, so if you have jamming’s or miss fires, your filed assistant will be able to change your gun, and take the other one to camp for a check or a cleaning. We would like you to understand that we work really hard to provide a great hunting service, but sometimes, shells could be working wrong or even a gun can get ammunition and get stacked, or a spring could be broken, or the fire pin could be broken. 

Your field assistant will be taking good care of you on the blind and if by any reason your gun needs to be replaced, he will contact the head guide in the field personally or by radio to be sure you will have a great hunting experience.

Regarding chokes, we have mostly modify and IC, so please be sure to have your special chokes if you are planning to have something different, or be sure to let us know about your special request before your hunting trip.



In order to make the most of your stay here in this beautiful country, partnered with Beagle Tours, our sister company with amazing professionals that will be greatly happy to assist you if you are interested in doing some kind of non-hunting activity in Argentina.

Our focus is to offer our guests the type of travel experience they wish in terms of hotel accommodation, activities and city tours. 

We work every day to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and luxurious travelers and guests, as well as small private groups of friends seeking for a mid-rate trip, and even larger groups planning to have an affordable and nice experience. We specialize in custom itineraries based on your group's wishes and budget keeping in mind that anything that your heart desires can be found in our country: From the award winning wine to the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, salt flats and even glaciers. Tourist attractions in Argentina offer something for every traveler.

Thus, if you feel like visiting the one and only Iguazu Falls, doing a wine tour in Mendoza province, amaze yourself navigating around the Glaciar Perito Moreno at the very end of the continent in Santa Cruz province, letting yourself go while you enjoy watching a Tango Show in Buenos Aires province, or you just simply need hotel reservations, please, contact Beagle Tours manager Vicky Fallotico at she’ll be glad to help you.



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