2 crazy dudes and 2 gentelmen

During the last seven years rains have not been enough, nor the grains, that is why farmers have not been sowing wheat in winter. But this year thanks to the rains all fields are green of wheat. And that is fabulous for doves!

During September and October, my two favorite months to hunt doves, birds were endless in the best area of the hills.

The first week of October we had two crazy dudes from Louisiana who had a wonderful time and didn't stop partying and having fun after 3 days in Chile. We also had the pleasure of receiving two gentlemen from Texas who visited us for the first time and promised to be back with their families. 

Our guests were Taylor and John from Louisiana and Dave and Gibb from Texas. John and Taylor have visited Argentina myriad times, but this time was special because it was their first time with Pointer, and they have enjoyed the experience so much that they have decided to come back next year to San Javier Lodge. This reminds me of Therence Murphy that without knowing us (and after a just “good” trip in 2014) call us looking for a unique hunting experience. 

Our daily program is very organized: guests are wake up at 7:30, breakfast at 8 and we leave to the field at 9. Usually, we shoot until 12:30 and then we stop for lunch. After lunch a nap in the hammocks and at 14:30 everyone is ready to start shooting again.

The hunting day was awesome! We get back to the Plaza Real lodge where the staff is waiting to our guests with appetizers and drinks specially reqiested by them. This is the perfect time of the day to relax near by the fire pitt in the park, which has a beautiful view to the hills. If you like you can ask for a massage or get in the jacuzzi.  We suggest you to try our special Margaritas. There are many types of margaritas, classic ones have tequila, triple sec and lime juice, but frozzen margaritas have hash ice. But be careful, try not to drink to many margaritas or the night will be longer than usual!

Pointer also has activities for non-shooters. You can do a one day city tour to the city od Cordoba, do horse riding through the pintoresque hills, or even take lessons of shooting. We highly recommend a day at Dos Lunas. It is a beautiful farm house, located in the heart of the Ongamira valley in the province of Córdoba, surrounded by an extraordinary 2,300 hectare (5,689 acre) of natural environment. This place is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the view. There is no time to waste at Dos Lunas: horse-riding, walking or simply relaxing and enjoying the landscape from a quiet corner, the energy of the place transforms and renovates the body and soul. Maybe one of the best horse ridings in the country.

Not everything is about shooting, it is about the whole experience. At the end of the season, after a long day of working, some guests invited the field assistants to have a drink in the bar! It was really nice of them and everything was really funny. Our team stands out for its professionalism and camaraderie. We can say we have one of the best work staffs in Cordoba.

Moreover, if you cannot find a good hairdresser near home, here in Totoral you can find one who will also teach you shooting lessons at no extra charge!

In Plaza Real you will always have a home.

Thanks so much to you all and hope to see you again soon.


Best regards,

Martin Andrada

Head Guide Cordoba

Pointer Outfitters



Pablo, This was my 8th trip to Argentina and I can honestly say that this has been more fun than I could have imagined. The food, especially in the field, was absolutely the best that I have ever had in Argentina.  Martin was a wonderful guide and the field staff treated us like Royalty.  This trip exceeded my expectations!  We are looking forward to 2016 with Pointer Outfitters.

Tom Hebert

Pablo just wanted to let you know that we had a super experience. Your wife and staff are to be commended. This has been the best hunting experience of my life. You have a wonderful staff organization.The professionalism of an organization starts at top. You have done agreat job. Hope to come back next year.

Thanks again, Gib.


Pablo, Gib and I finished our last hunt today. We had a fabulous trip. You have great people working for you and Sylvia took great care of us. I plan to bring my two boys back next October. I will definitely recommend you to my hunting friends.

Thanks,Dave Hanson


Pablo, I was able to view the photos as well as watch the video. Amazing job to you and your staff! Pointer Outfitters is top brass in my book!  Number 1! I will look no further in choosing an outfit for my next hunting experience.

Thanks again,J. Taylor Brazzel

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