A 5 stars group

We have been looking forward to meet our great friend Ron Jacoby again. In his previous trip we had received him in our San Javier Lodge, located in the province of Santa Fe, for an outstanding mixed bag hunt. Ron and his group were a 5 stars group!!!

But this time they have chosen to come to Villa del Totoral in Cordoba. After having settled in La Loma Lodge the group was ready for start the adventure. Around 7:30 am the breakfast is ready: scrambled eggs, bacon, yoghurt, coffee, tea, etc. Outside the lodge our Mercedes Benz Sprinter were waiting to carry them to the field, which is 25 minutes from there.

La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour north of Cordoba International Airport in the town of Totoral. Situated next to the biggest dove roost in Argentina, the rides to the fields are a convenient 10 to 40 minutes. La Loma’s staff, the delicious Argentine meals, and copious amounts of doves combine to make this a very memorable dove-shooting trip.

When we arrived to the field all our staff were ready and waiting to receive our dared guests. This time they want to try ours new Beretta 400 guns, which are an innovation. They have also shot Benellis Montefeltro 20 gauge, M1 and Barettas Urika 12 gauge. All of them have worked efficiently and were well accepted for dove hunt.

The A400 action is truly revolutionary in the history of the semiautomatic shotgun. Thanks to the proprietary Blink technology, it shoots 36% faster than any other system, meaning that your follow-up shots will always be faster than any high-flying duck, goose or clay target. It is low-profile and light weight (while being super-durable), giving you superior natural pointability. It has built-in rails, so that you can easily equip it with the optics of your choice for turkey season. And its reliable feeding of any type of 12-gauge shell—lead or steel, mild 2 ¾” to hard-hitting 3 ½” magnums—gives the A400 the versatility of a do-it-all shotgun.

Those three days with Ron’s group were amazing. We are in spring here and it is perfect to enjoy the field with our great chef, who have prepared us doves in red wine, Argentine barbacue and the best Malbec

Ron has a particular taste for Gancia with sparkling water, and we have delighted him with this special request. We are always ready to please our guests.

The group average in shooting was of 70% of accuracy, this means that they are really good! They shot more than 38,500 shells and hit 20,481 doves.

Well done boys!!

The remarkable staff of Pointer Outfitters is waiting for you. We are ready to provide the best dove hunting experience in Cordoba, Argentina.

We hope to see you soon!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide.

Pointer Outfitters



Dear Pointer, this trip was a once in a lifetime event. Amazing birds, amazing bird boys, wonderful food, great service. I am very Impressed! I hope to come back next year. Thank you- thank you - thank you! 

Scott Supak

Thank you for the best experience. I’ll be back next year!

Thank you,

Clinton Basey


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