Three brothers trip

We waited in Cordoba’s Airport for the LAN flight 4212 from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. Three brothers arrived on time to go to La Loma Lodge located at 80 km from the city of Cordoba, where the staff is waiting for them with a typical Argentine appetizer.

This particular group is made up of three doctors, the Hamilton brothers, and their main passion is Big Game. Their last trips were to Africa but this time they came to experience the best dove hunting in Cordoba.

We have recommended our guests to use our Benelli Montefeltro guns, 20 gauge, since they are very light guns and of high efficiency when shooted thanks to the high speed it has when swinging. In our fields, the volume of doves is endless and you need a really agile machine to take advantage of this.

In this time of the year and in this area most of the birds are in the hills. In the North of Córdoba we shoot in the hills 70% of the time. This is a very dry area with rocks and short hills, full of mid-high bushes with thorns that make the terrain tough but not impossible. It is a really good moment to do dove hunting since in spring the weather is awesome and you can shoot a lot of doves from very different angles. The remaining 30% of the time we shoot in fields with crops or natural grass that make stalking for animals very easy.

As always, our staff is ready to offer you the best attention not only in the lodge but also in the field. La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. Its staff, the delicious Argentine meals, and copious amounts of doves combine to make this a very memorable dove-shooting trip.

In this 3-day trip our guests have shooted more than 11.400 shells, a great number for a first time trip.They were shocked by the endless number of birds that fly in our fields, which are the best area for hunting in Cordoba. The Eared Dove population is usually upwards of 50 million birds.

We hope to see you soon!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide.

Pointer Outfitters



Pointer Wingshooting was an incredible experience relaxing and fun! The food was amazing! The lunches out in the field were 5-star. They treat you like kings. The hunting was exceptional, birds were everywhere. Hunting, lodging, service, they do it all right. Thanks for everything!

Blane R. Hamilton.

Gente, what a tremendous and unique experience from the moment we steeped off the plane until we were dropped off, the customer service was impeccable. The accommodations at La Loma Lodge were incredible not to mention the food was prepared perfectly and the staff catered to us every minute we were there. They were always waiting for us when we arrived, with food and drinks at our disposal until we retired for the night. The hunting?! What can I say?! Never before have I shot so much. Absolutely amazing hunting, gorgeous scenery,n talented and experienced guides, and when I say you are taken care of in the field, it is an understatement. The lunch is made thereon the grill, white table clth, siesta on a hammock afterwards, need I say more? Abig thak you to Pointer Outfitters. We will be back!

R. Hamilton.

These guys do it right! We had a great experience with Pointer Wingshooting. Customer service was excellent. The food was excellent. The hunting was awesome! I highly recommend Pointer Wingshooting. Thank you for everything!

Ross Hamilton.

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