Dove Hunt at La Loma Lodge

We received a group of 3 friends that came visit us last August for amazing dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina. They were not expecting such a big volume of doves, they were not expecting such a life experience, they were not expecting to meet amazing friends, they were not expecting to be in such a paradise; but it happened!!!

They left Dallas one evening and the following day they met Martin at the airport. Since then, they have been treated as kings in their own kingdom. Our guys in the field took really good care of them, our guides worked hard to be sure they will live an experience of a life time, our staff at the lodge prepared some of the best meals ever for them, they have drunk some of the finest malbec wines ever, and of course, they were delighted with our famous Argentine barbecue!

They have woken up every morning with the last sparks from the fire pit in their rooms. They had warm and peaceful nights in our amazing first quality beds. They had their coffee and special eggs ready every time they show up in the morning, and Gissella and Paola were always ready to take good care of them. All staff is always ready to help and make your hunting trip one of the best hunting experience ever!

Do we spoil you guys? 

Answer is YES!

It is difficult to hunt doves again in US after such an amazing trip to Argentina, right? We understand that, and our goal is to make dove hunting simple and accessible to repeat it every year. Our repeater clients percentage says most of 70% of our guest will be back in the next 18 months average, and there is only one reason for that: royal treatment and the best hunting experience!

What dove hunting in Argentina means?

Nonstop shooting action. Abundance of low flying doves that pass within 20-30 yards of the shooters and even the most experienced shooter will find high-flying doves challenging. Amazing quantity and high quality doves flying non-stop all day long. International wingshooters have recognized Argentina as the world’s leading destination for high volume dove hunting.

We have in Cordoba the perfect weather; it is great for hunting with no extreme temperatures. Our last days were sunny and little windy, what had make our birds move away faster than normal. Our bags and volume of shooting was amazing and you can enjoy the images in the video below! We have clients who regularly shoot over a thousand doves in a day, but an average shot can bag 500-700 doves in a day. Bryan, Greg and Vic have shoot every day a little bit over the average.

Our staff includes experienced guides, professional chefs, kitchen staff, housekeeping, filed assistants, gun cleaners, warehouse manager, car keeper, cleaners and drivers. Martin was the head guide in this group and Silvia was the lodge manager in charge. Our goal is to make your only worry: “Should I change my choke?”

What can we tell you about La Loma Lodge in Cordoba?

La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour north of Cordoba International Airport in the town of Totoral. The house, which has 8 bedrooms and a capacity for 12 hunters, has recently been refurnished making this location one of the most attractive.

One of the many advantages offered by La Loma, is its convenient location next to the heart of the biggest dove roost in Argentina. The lodge is also located a very short distance from the fertile fields where corn, sunflowers and sorghum is grown, the perfect ingredient for a very successful dove shoot. It is also in a great location from Macha valley roosting area, what is an amazing hunting zone in Northern Cordoba, probably one of the best. The rides to the field range from 10 to 40 minutes.

The last day

I was out of town hunting some big game meanwhile this great group had fun in Cordoba, but I had the pleasure to meet them the last night and build an amazing relationship with this great friends from Dallas, and I am personally looking forward to meet with them soon, in my next trip to Texas this coming October. 

We hope you enjoy this short report with some information about what we do everyday to make our guests have an amazing time dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina.

You should be the next one!


Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters



Thank you Pablo.  We had a great trip!  The accommodations, staff and quality of the hunt was beyond my expectations.  Bryan, Greg and I really had fun.

Vic McCall

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