Million ducks

We have met with Albert and David more than 10 years ago. The first trip I shared with them was a big and noisy group of 12 hunters having a blast in Cordoba. I had met them again last winter at the SCI Las Vegas convention and we have been talking for half an hour, and they told me: “Pablo would you put us over great ducks? we mean, million ducks”.

We have set a trip for last July to San Javier Lodge for a private group of 8 hunters. They were exactly 7 hunters because jimmy Z junior was too young to be considered a hunter. As I had remembered Albert and David were still great shoters, as well as Paul Silva and Mike.

The issue with good shots is that they get the limits very quickly, and with them was as fast as Billy the kid stoling a bank. Pum pum pum…. Done! Field was on fire! For waterfowl hunters, Argentina is your ultimate option, The Summit! The population of ducks is very large and the variety of species that you can find in this area is so vast that it makes this outdoor sport unique. When you think that in most states of the U.S you have to wake up at around 4 am and get in the cold water for 5 ducks if you are lucky; when somebody talks about 20, 30 or 60 ducks in a couple of days, your mind blows up.

They have hunted great doves too, and they have smoked more than a 1000 rounds of shells per session. We had one afternoon on fire in which they shot over 3000 rounds of shells per person.

The dove you will be shooting at is known as Eared Dove, a similar bird to the Mourning Dove that inhabits in the United States. The Eared Dove has a dark patch of feathers on its upper cheeks that look like ears, and that explains their name. This bird hatches in between 3 and 5 times a year depending on the availability of food.

Regarding weather, it was not too bad. We were lucky, it was not so cold and no rainfall. Rainfall can be expected throughout the year, though summer is usually the wettest season. Thunderstorms can be intense with frequent lightning, powerful downdraughts and heavy precipitation. The lowest record temperature was −8.2 °C (17.2 °F) on July 11, 1988. So, as you can see, weather was friendly and it was average 55F to 75F.

We have occasionally shot some perdiz too. Partridge hunting has been excellent as always, with lots of birds for our Pointer dogs. We are very happy with the “performances” of our Pointer and german short hair dogs, “Luna”, “Nube”, “Soltera” and “Milonga” were amazing; “Luna” with only three years old has surprised all of us even Sergio, the head guide and trainer, who says that she is even more talented than her parents. Amazing!

Food was delicious as always. One day we will write a book about it. Every person that is passionate about hunting should at least try once Federico specials'. It was simply amazing and unique. 

Now we have plans to go to Alaska with David, we are planning to jump to Enchanted Lake Lodge in August 2016 for some amazing rainbow trout in Katmai National Park. We hope some of you join us!

Let’s keep in the loop till next hunting report. 

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters



Pablo, I just personally would like to thank you for a great experience we had in Santa Fe. You and your men were wonderful. I will be coming back in the future with my Kids and Son In law once works slows a little.  Again thanks for the great experience u gave me. 

Mike Shaggy Bruno

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